CM Punk: "I apologize for the scrum ... I regret that and I handled it the wrong way, 100%"

Originally published at CM Punk: "I apologize for the scrum ... I regret that and I handled it the wrong way, 100%"

CM Punk spoke on the record for the first since last year’s All Out and regrets his actions at the post-event press conference.

Speaking with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, Punk (Phil Brooks) addressed his anger displayed at the September 2022 press conference, followed by a backstage incident involving Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and producer Ace Steel.

The first thing I said to Tony when I sat down with him and spoke to him after it was, ‘Man, I’m really sorry I put you in that position.

I apologize for the scrum. But when you’ve watched that scrum, you’re looking at a very, very frustrated guy who had told people. That’s not the first time he heard all that. It’s not the first time lawyers were told all that. And I was just looking for something to be done and nothing got done. So, if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself. And I just didn’t approach it in the right manner, but tension was high. I was very, very pissed. I pretty much knew that I had just injured myself again. I was hurt, and I was disappointed. Yeah, it’s very easy for me to say I regret that and I handled it the wrong way, 100%.

Beyond apologizing to Tony Khan, Punk classifies his relationship with the AEW president as “great”.

Punk will be the featured performer on AEW’s latest program, Collision, which premieres from the United Center on Saturday night. It will be Punk’s first match since tearing his triceps at the same All Out event last September when he became AEW Champion for the second time and was subsequently stripped of the title.

Punk tells ESPN he cannot speak about the backstage altercation with members of The Elite but had attempted to sit down and air their grievances, but received a response from lawyers instructing Punk not to contact them and says he has not spoken with Kenny Omega or The Young Bucks since All Out.

In the interview, he said that issues developed between himself and Hangman Page in the lead-up to Double or Nothing during a May 26 segment on Dynamite where Page delivered his line about “worker’s rights” – a veiled reference to the belief that Punk had affected Colt Cabana’s job with AEW – an allegation that Punk denies.  

In the ESPN piece, Punk tries to convey that the match with Page at Double or Nothing was hampered by Punk’s concerns that Page might be working stiff with him on purpose and chipped his tooth in the process.

Throughout the past nine months, Punk acknowledged having momentary thoughts of walking away but believes he still has a lot to do in AEW:

I certainly had some low moments, and I won’t rule out in those fleeting moments where I just say, ‘Ah, f— this, whatever. But I don’t ever think it was a serious intention to say that I’m done. There’s still work to do, and I think I’m excited about a lot of stuff that’s coming up.

CM Punk is set to speak on the debut episode of Collision on Saturday and will team with FTR against Samoa Joe, Jay White & Juice Robinson on the show.


I thought this was gonna be a TV interview on ESPN but its just a written piece.

Now it’s on the Bucks and Omega to suck it up and make money. If they refuse I would let them walk.

Yeah ok Tony Montana :joy:

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I think we are dealing with someone who has psychological issues. This is going to happen again unless he receives the help that he needs.


What were the odds that Marc Raimondi would break this story?


CM Punk, a trained UFC fighter, was afraid that Hangman Page of all people was going to shoot on him?

What in gods name.

This is like Brock Lesnar being afraid of Strowman shooting - one stiff shot and we saw what happened lol. Or Kurt Angle being afraid of Shawn Michaels.

I don’t get it. I mean CM Punk has actually competed in shoot fighting wtf was he scared for


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Wow the rabidity in these comments cross-sectioned with a lack of reading comprehension.

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I think you’re using the word “competed” a little liberally lol. He definitely got his ass kicked in MMA, I’ll say that lol.

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In a worked match you’re trusting another person with your body so I don’t see the comparison to MMA at all.

It comes down to the promo by Page before the match, which was completely unprofessional. Everything Punk did after that was also incredibly unprofessional.

But Tony Khan did not do enough to nip it in the bud and stop the mess from happening.

No, I’m with Punk on this. A real fight, everyone knows that you’re throwing down. No-one’s mistaking it for a pre-determined choreography where you place your body in the hands of the person you’re in the ring with.

I’m with Punk’s side on very few things but I’m definitely with Punk on this.

“Counterfeit Bucks”
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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And for those saying Punk was scared, he still worked with Page. The Bucks are too scared to even speak to Punk. That’s a different level

Counterfeit bucks - what do you expect

There is a lot to think about from the written piece, Punk’s on-screen promo and the reaction online. A couple of my thoughts.

1 What Punk said is no different than what the Elite have been saying in interviews for months. For example, in a podcast in February, Omega said that they can’t talk about the brawl for legal reasons. But that he wishes punk well and that he and the elite have moved on from it.

2 Reactions like this.

The Bucks, Omega and Punk all were advised by lawyers not to talk to each-other. Nobody is being a coward. Punk’s past history tells me he would be the first person to lawyer up. If I was the Elite I would just stay out of his way too.

3 The Elite did some of CM Punk’s gestures when they returned in December. CM Punk insulted them in a promo. As far as on-screen goes I think they are pretty even. Going forward AEW can either continue to have them reference eachother with a plan to do a match eventually. Or it needs to stop so it’s not teasing the audience on a match that will never happen.

4 The downside either way of doing a match or not doing a match is the divisiveness it has created in the fanbase. It’s usually WWE vs AEW fans. Now its AEW Elite fans vs AEW CM Punk fans. It makes the discourse around the product really insufferable.


Agree with everything you said. The tribalism in wrestling exhausting, AEW inner tribalism is the last thing I want to deal with now as a fan.

I just want to add, if they are turning this into an angle (which they should) it is a bit of an odd issue to create a wrestling angle off. When you really break it down, the storyline would essentially be that during Punk and Page’s fake fight/angle, Page said something off script which caused Punk to cut a real promo at a press conference (which is something that they have MJF do all the time but since that is still fake, its ok, unlike what Punk did which was real), which led to a real fight. However, now things in real life have cooled off, so they are going to fake fake over the fact that a real fight happened.

In the kayfabe world of wrestling, getting into a backstage brawl isn’t exactly some rare instance, so they would essentially be selling you on the fact that this brawl is different because "it’s real unlike all the fake stuff you normally see. I hope that makes sense.

Its much easier to do a shoot/worked story when its something like the Edge/Hardy situation. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying its going to be a challenge.

I really think if they do feud, this is an opportunity to make it a WWE vs AEW style feud. Obviously you cant say WWE, but I mean more of an outsiders vs originals thing, much bigger than the Outcasts vs AEW originals in the womens division.

You have enough back and forth from the clowns online fighting, I think they can capitalize on that with a feud like this. I think there is a lot of story you can pull out from AEW originals like Jericho and Moxley who are also outsiders and the friendships they have within the company. You can also play in MJF and his constant teasing of turning against AEW.


How is it that an “EVP” is not allowed to speak to an employee. Seems extremely counterproductive.

Punk himself said in the ESPN interview they won’t talk to him. Again, could be all a work but I don’t see the point of working it in this way.