CM Punk jokes that the fan who offered him a drink is lucky he isn't a heel right now

Originally published at CM Punk jokes that the fan who offered him a drink is lucky he isn't a heel

CM Punk touched on several different topics during his recent media interview.

AEW’s CM Punk is back in the swing of the things since returning to wrestling in August. He’s had wins over Darby Allin and Powerhouse Hobbs in his matches thus far.

Punk has done commentary on Dynamite on multiple occasions. Before heading to the desk, he interacts with the crowd in attendance and on one occasion, while in the crowd, Punk was offered a drink and the individual was met with a non-verbal ‘no’ from CM Punk. ET Canada ran their interview with Punk and he joked that the person who offered him a drink is lucky that he’s not a heel right now.

The thing that was going through my mind in that moment was, ‘Man, this guy is lucky I’m not a heel right now.’ But it was a funny moment for me. I was just like, ‘This is hilarious.’ Sometimes it’s not about the gift, the gesture is more important.

This fan really tried to offer @CMPunk a drink after jumping into the crowd 😂

(via @AEW)

— B/R Wrestling (@BRWrestling) September 4, 2021

Although Punk believes that he has silenced the doubts in his head about his in-ring ability after seven years, he thinks he needs more reps in the ring. He feels that he has not missed a beat.

I think it was just quieting that voice in my head that doubted anything. Cardio is fine, timing is fine. I was always a storyteller. You’ll never see me do a triple-jump moonsault to the floor or anything like that. It’s more about tugging on people’s heartstrings and getting them to care about me as a human being, really. If I have an advantage over anybody, I think that’s one of them.

I have this rare connection with the crowd. I just think I need more reps. I need to get out there more in front of a live audience and wrestle. I’ll be back to form in no time. I think I haven’t missed a beat. That was kind of the goal. To go out there and make it look like I’ve been wrestling last week. I think mission accomplished. I just want to get out there and hear the crowd more. That’s all I want to do is be in that moment.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Punk gave his thoughts about fellow former WWE Champion John Cena’s acting career. Punk is impressed but not surprised at what Cena has been able to accomplish. When Punk breaks it down in his mind, wrestling is simply live theatre.

One hundred per cent , but I’m also not surprised. I think a lot of people conflate the two. You see a guy like Dave Bautista killing it with this myriad of different roles. Dave can do comedy, Dave can do drama, he can do it all. Cena has always been that funny guy. I always thought behind the scenes, and I think anybody who has worked with him always thought. A lot of the guys at that top-level in WWE may not want to admit it, but alls we are-are theatre actors.

We’re doing live theatre every Monday, every Friday, Thursday, Tuesday, whatever the hell the schedule is now. All that is, is theatre. It gets you accustomed to improv and working on the fly. I read James Gunn said that John Cena was the best improv actor he’s ever worked with. That does not surprise me in the least. We do it every week for decades. When we transition to film, I think people are pleasantly surprised like, ‘Oh wow, I thought you were just going to be this muscled up stiff guy.’ I’m not surprised that John is killing it.

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