CM Punk knew he'd be returning to wrestling while filming 'Heels'

Originally published at CM Punk knew he'd be returning to wrestling while filming 'Heels'

While filming ‘Heels’, Punk knew he’d be returning to wrestling.

Kicking off ‘The First Dance’ edition of AEW Rampage in Chicago was CM Punk’s return to pro wrestling. Punk was also featured on the 8/25 Dynamite show and is scheduled to take on Darby Allin at All Out. Over the past several weeks, Punk has made the media rounds to promote the ‘Heels’ show which stars Stephen Amell.

One of the outlets Punk spoke to was Variety and while speaking about his AEW debut, Punk said he had an idea that he would be returning to wrestling while filming ‘Heels’.

It wasn’t 100%, but I knew that’s what I was doing, if that makes sense. It was just fortuitous, I guess. Here I am in a wrestling ring for this acting gig and I know, in the back of my head, I’m getting back into the ring in a few months anyway, so I figured it was two birds, one stone. I got a little out of camp training.

Back in April, Punk tweeted that he took a spinebuster from NFL Super Bowl Champion James Harrison, who is also a part of the show.

During his latest AEW appearance, Punk hinted at Bryan Danielson coming to AEW and to hear POST Wrestling’s recap of that segment and the entire show, check out the newest Rewind-A-Dynamite episode.