CM Punk to be 'more involved' in season two of Heels on STARZ

Originally published at CM Punk to be 'more involved' in season two of Heels on STARZ

The character Punk portrays is called ‘Ricky Rabies’. 

The series ‘Heels’ airs on STARZ and it features Stephen Amell as the main character. Appearing in season one which premiered in August 2021 was CM Punk. Punk played the role of ‘Ricky Rabies’.

While Amell was being interviewed by TVLine, he stated that Punk will be ‘more involved’ in the new season. Here’s an excerpt from the write-up: 

I was sure to ask Stephen Amell about Season 2 of the Starz wrestling drama (arriving this summer), after talking to him about his upcoming visit to The Flash. He shared that “we definitely have CM Punk more involved” in Season 2, as DWL wrestler Ricky Rabies. Amell also teased that when(ever) the Season 2 trailer drops, “you’ll see two very familiar faces, one of which I think Arrow fans will be very excited about.”

Punk made headlines when he took to his Instagram story to address matters related to All Elite Wrestling. Punk’s comments were reacted to by Jon Moxley

Chris Jericho shared his thoughts about the possibility of Punk returning to AEW and that can be read here.

My wife and I both really enjoyed the first season of Heels and have been waiting impatiently for the second season. Even though it means signing up for another streaming service for a couple of months.

The Ricky Rabies character played by CM Punk was fun. Along with many of the other characters. I’m still waiting for that trailer though.