Cody: Bullet Club members committed to taking next step together...

Courtesy of WON/F4W:

While the future of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega remains uncertain, it seems that they plan on sticking together.

During a conference call to promote the Starrcast convention during All In weekend earlier today, Cody was asked a question about what could be next for All In after the first show on September 1. Cody said that he wasn’t sure, but that he and other members within the Bullet Club are verbally committed to one another going forward.

“One thing that is special about this group is we have verbally committed to each other, and I don’t know that that’s ever been done in the history of wrestling, where I have verbally committed to the Bucks, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page,” he said. “There’s this verbal commitment that the next step we take because it’s no secret. Our contracts are all up. What happens next? The next step we take, we’re going to take it together and we’re going to take it as a family.”

Matt Jackson later seemed to comment on Cody’s comments, tweeting the word “pact”.

When asked about a second All In show on Observer radio recently, Cody seemed to indicate that he and The Young Bucks would stick together, but wasn’t sure as to what the future would hold for them.

May be a billion to one shot but does anyone think “pact” is referencing IMPACT Wrestling? Jackson could simply be stirring up interest but the thought of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page and potentially Chris Jericho would be insane. I can’t see Anthem having the funds to sign all six mentioned but if they wanted to stick it to the WWE and form alliances with NJPW, ROH and even the NWA, it’d be like the 90’s all over again.


They are all going to do a Free Agent thing because frankly who says no to working with them in any capacity (outside maybe WWE). I also think they may do different things but with each other’s blessing (purely speculative). For example, maybe Cody is okay with The Elite doing a WWE stint or one-time feud but they all agree it’s not long term.

Most interesting that every pact needs a villain