Cody free agent - RR?

Was reported by SRS that Cody has no contract. He’s also implying on Twitter that there is a chance Cody could leave. Also Cody’s words indicate he still talks to the other guys - implying they aren’t buddies to the same degree they were before.

Is this the forbidden door for the RR people have been talking about ?

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I think Cody made his stand on WWE clear. I don’t think he will ever go back there.

Yes I’m not saying he would actually leave. His Turner show is too strong for that in terms of an allure.

But think about the possibility. Cody’s playing this tweener character who does things to annoy the crowd. He’s doing the pedigree to channel Triple H and openly said that his favourite wrestler. Imagine what would happen if he shows up at the Royal rumble. Sure he doesn’t win, but he does reasonably well.

He would be vilified in AEW and would instantly become a massive heal without actually doing anything heelish. It would play huge into that character. He could even say he has no contract and still comes to work for the fans and then gets booed. It works for him perfectly!

Like it may actually be the only person for him something like that works. From WWE standpoint you create this possibility that anyone can show up to the Rumble, although I admit the upside isn’t as high for them.

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It’s a swerve. Maybe his contract is up, but he’s committed to another season of Rhodes to the Top. Just don’t see it happening. Not sure he would even get much of a pop in the Rumble

I can’t see him going anywhere.
I assume his EVP and Talent deals are separate. Plus the deals he has via AEW with Time Warner, with Go Big Show and Rhodes to the Top…

Also, AEW has little to gain from allowing him or anybody to appear at the RR.

All these RR fantasy scenarios end when you can’t see anybody being sent from WWE to AEW to boost one of their events in return.

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I don’t think they have much to gain but in Codys case it would further make him a heel without him doing anything heelish really like insult the crowd.

Fantasy more than reality of course

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I couldn’t see Cody leaving….but doing a one off, maybe. I think it’s Jericho personally.

What If:
Cody & Co. decided it would be funny for the most hyped thing about the Royal Rumble to be whether he would appear or not. 2 weeks of will Cody Rhodes appear in the WWE Royal Rumble and WWE has no ability to stop the hype train unless the address it which would be awwwwkkkkkwarrrrdddd.
Consider me highly amused and in the camp of it would be really funny if Cody was able to hijack the 2022 Rumble hype

Why would they want to stop it? That is just going to get more people interested in watching the show, if they think Cody might appear. It’s not like WWE care if those same fans get upset when he doesn’t.

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