Cody Rhodes feels it'd be an easy heel turn if he challenged for AEW World Title

Agreed. A good WWE example of that is when Batista put his career on the line against Hunter, it gave away the match.

I like it best when you do a stipulation match where both sides have an equal chance of being affected. Taker vs Michaels streak vs career IMO was a great one, I thought Taker would win, but you could truly have seen it going either way.

Agreed it is also better when it feels like there is a motivation for the stipulation. In the match you mentioned Michael’s put his career on the line because he wanted the rematch so badly. One of my issues with the AEW stips has been I don’t feel like they were warranted.

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I won’t feel mislead, betrayed or upset if somewhere down the line Cody was to get the championship. To be completely honest I had completely forgotten about that stipulation.