Cody to face Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas

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On Saturday night, All Elite Wrestling released the latest Road to Double or Nothing to announce Cody’s opponent for the May 25th card at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

It was revealed that Cody will face his brother, Dustin Runnels at Double or Nothing. The entire video featured Dustin explaining his relationship with his brother and the symbolism of his new red and black color scheme representing life and death.

Rhodes’ latest run with WWE began in September 2013 when he was brought back and later re-signed. This led to the brothers teaming together as The Rhodes Dynasty and became a highlight of WWE programming throughout the fall of 2013. The two won the WWE tag titles in October 2013 from Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and held them until January 2014. They won the tag titles a second time as a unit in September 2014, dropping them to Damien Sandow and The Miz in November that year.

As Goldust and Stardust, they had a brief feud in early 2015, including a singles match at Fastlane but it never went anywhere.

Dustin Rhodes has also been added to the Starrcast convention and has released a shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees with tagline “One Last Ride”.

Here is the updated card for Double or Nothing on Saturday, May 25th in Las Vegas:
*Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho
*Hangman Page vs. PAC
*The Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix for the AAA tag titles
*Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes
*Dr. Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose vs. Kylie Rae
*Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky vs. CIMA & TBA
*Over the Budget Battle Royal

Flashback to wrestling journalists saying Dustin was leaving WWE, Dustin saying he wasn’t, and fans believing the professional carny instead of the professional journalists.

Also, I think this match will be great. A motivated Dustin has a lot left to give.


Let’s hope that match will be better then their fastlane match a few years back because that one was horrible.

Why would this match be great?

Cody is very marginal in the ring to begin with and his brother is what 50?

Although I am pulling for AEW I feel like nepotism will be there downfall. They just seem to be pushing and hiring their friends all the time.

How exactly is Brandi qualified to run a women’s division? Did she get the job on merit or bc she’s Cody’s wife? Also rumours of them hiring guys like Tye Dillinger (bc they are friends) - who won’t move the needle one bit and sucks in the ring - seem to further lend truth to the face that Khan is just letting these guys hire their buds.

I’m actually interested in the Cody/Dustin match. There is going to be a lot of other kinds of wrestling on the card, something a little slower paced with more of a story emphasis will make it stand out as different compared to some of the other offerings. All the other matches can be expected to be a variation on the modern independent dream match style, this is going to offer something more traditional in presentation. I did enjoy the Aldis vs Cody match at All In; I don’t think this match would be technically better but might have better execution with the in-match story given the relationship and history of the two brothers/Dusty/etc. Add on the experience level of Dustin in pro wrestling with an audience that will be in a good position to get emotionally invested in the match and I think you have all the components there for a really good wrestling match with a big moment at the end.

Some of the criticisms I’ve seen online have been along the lines of, ‘This isn’t going to add additional interest to the card’. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I would argue no one who would have bought the thing anyway will now not do so because of this match. Fans of what Bucks/Omega/Cody are providing under the AEW umbrella will get plenty of what they are expecting of and hunger for, and this isn’t going to be presented as just another match on a throwaway bullshit Fastlane show. It should be more interesting than that apparently bad match, but I wasn’t watching wrestling then and haven’t seen that match since i started watching again.

In what ways, thus far, do you find Brandi not able to do the job? Roster looks good to me.

edit: And as far as her qualifications, what exactly would ya be looking for? She has a Masters in Broadcast Journalism.

So you believe and exhaustive search was done to find someone who was qualified for the position ? Or was it just given to her bc she’s Cody’s wife?

What experience does she have running a women’s division? Is she an amazing women’s wrestler? Talent scout? Trainer? And corporate experience?

What on Earth are you on about? Who would be qualified for such a thing, according to you?

  1. What experience is available “running a women’s division”?
  2. What does her ability to work have ANYTHING to do with anything?
  3. Seems to be doing fine on the talent scout end of things when I look at the roster.
  4. Is she going to train them? No. So why does she need experience training?
  5. What corporate experience do any of them have, exactly, aside from Tony Kahn?

My point is just why her? Did she actually interview for this against many candidates? What about her specifically made her a great fit for
This. Also is the women’s division that great ?

Are you married? If there was an opening at your work could your wife just walk in there? Of course not.

Tony Khan doesn’t know anything about wrestling. He’s given these guys free reign to hire however they see fit and these guys are hiring their friends and family.

They stick Brandi in charge of something. Now they want to likely bring in a guy like Tye Dillinger whose their friend. Probably same thing with Luke Harper.

Can you think of another company where they hired a bunch of people that were friends of employees and wrestlers and let the inmates run the asylum? Remember WCW?

I have no interest in continuing this conversation if you have no interest in answering questions asked.

Have a good day though.

Looks like you take this wrestling thing wayyyyy too serious. This is not the NFL or MLB or NHL where they need to interview different candidates. Brandi is Cody’s wife. Someone he knows he can trust and I think someone who has done a solid job so far.

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I do think they have surrounded themselves with people who understand the business who just aren’t faces of the company / on camera product.

People who scout and evaluate talent, people who negotiate partnerships with other promotions. Brandi just like Cody, the Bucks and Kenny will have roles behind-the-scenes just like a kayfabe role on screen that is in part based on their executive role behind the company.

Yeah, AEW should have interviewed Karen Jarrett, Tracy Brooks, Miss Techmacher, Brooke Hogan and Maria. All have previous experience running the Knockouts division.

They would have made MUCH better choices than Brandi due to the experience they have.


  1. Someone who had perhaps worked with a company like TNA/WWE etc in an admin role
  2. Her ability to work would indicate she has more knowledge about who to hire. But I concede less important
  3. Who is she doing fine? What top level women’s talent do they have? They all goto NXT them no but having an eye for talent he’s. Again weaker point
  4. Yes this is my point - they have the inmates running the asylum and they just keep hiring their friends and family.

Thats why I don’t like it. They are just hiring their friends and family. I’m sure there are more qualified people than Brandi and I’m sure they didn’t even look. This just seems like what WCW did

They’re hiring friends and family that have been incredibly successful in todays market.

Brandi’s worked with NJPW, ROH, and other indies. Their women’s division is looking great, fresh and relevant.

Wcw had guys like Russo and Hogan running the show, bringing in Brutus The Barber Beefcake and making Jeff Jarrett the heavyweight champ. It’s not even close to being the same.

Why are fans so set on AEW becoming a failure?


But to the main topic. Cody vs Dustin could be a lot of fun but i think they should have saved it and built a bigger storyline first.

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A question I ask myself a lot. You don’t have to like it or watch it but it’s existence and hopefully success is good for the industry and fans as a whole.

I have a lot of concerns but I remain hopeful for a viable “competitor” in the US market. And I use the term competitor very loosely right now.


This thread is just toxic. How did this become a discussion about Brandi? lol


So the guy in charge is using his first match to push a match against his brother…k.

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he recognizes time is precious. Dustin has aged. The sooner this story gets told the better quality the match.And its a story worth telling in many fans opinions

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