Cody to WWE?

Fightful just dropped Cody couldn’t come to agreement with AEW and he is likely WWE bound

What the heck?

I guess when it was a matter of time before someone jumped the other way. I always thought it would be Jericho first. Although with him tweeting out that stuff with Kevin Owens you have to wonder if he’s going over as well.


It’ll be interesting to see if he goes back - and where he will land. If WWE bound, I find it hard to see where he would fit in. I’m sure he’d get a main event run, but he’s also not a guy who I see them putting on top in the current era. The landscape hasn’t changed all that much since he quit. Cody will be presented the same way as everybody who isn’t Roman, Brock, Ronda, and Goldberg are.

That said… Brandi and Cody, (along with Jericho to be honest) are people who could leave AEW and not be missed in the slightest - and in fact, would remove some of the weaker parts of the programming.

Although, I could also seeing this as being a big work from Cody.


I don’t think there is a major player outside of Cody who could have less of an impact jumping to WWE from AEW. Guy was so overpushed in AEW, I’m shocked he’s not staying. Bad career move.

Wrestling is so weird but in a positively, fun way. I love it.


I smell a big time work. Maybe he’s even a surprise entrant in the Revolution ladder match and wins. Just don’t see him leaving and especially don’t see him going to WWE, he already has Turner commitments

I think you hit the nail on the head with his Turner commitments. Has to be a work right!?

If he is really leaving, I cant help but look at him as a failure. Sure, he helped start AEW and got his own reality show and appeared on other TV series, but all of that means nothing if he just goes running back to WWE, who I highly doubt will allow him to do most, if any of that stuff. He will not be a top guy in WWE. Maybe he will receive a title shot if he’s lucky, but it will just consist of a feud where they will have Roman Reigns making fun of him about AEW and then beating him and then he will be relegated to IC Title feuds, the same as before.

Not really buying it, unless for the slight possibility that Cody thinks Vince is falling off and he thinks he can work the beloved “forbidden door” from the other side. I do think that’s a longshot though. We are in desperate need of a new federation to give a home to all the free agents out there; maybe Cody wants to run his own fed with Brandi on top of the women’s division and call his own shots. Good luck with that one.

It could be at work but there’s so much reporting on it that it probably isn’t. Also I’m not sure they want to work the fans that’s never been their angle.

Out of all the people that would be the first to jump from AEW to WWE he is probably one of the least exciting. The AEW fans hate him – I’m sure they’re happy to see him and Brandi go. On top of that it’s not like he’s gonna walk in and be a game changer. You’re most sense Xpac heat with him and Brandi.

She’s clearly pushed far too much for her lack of any meaningful ability. We are all remember the nightmare collective shit. However, he is still a big name and one of the founders of AEW.

I think the most interesting thing coming out of there will be him talking about where the relationships fell apart with him and the young bucks and omega.

Guys like Jericho, Moxley, MJF, CM punk, Kenny Omega or Bryan Danielson etc. he is definitely the least exciting of that top-tier hot come back.


Even TMZ is reporting this:

I don’t see this happening, as I think a Cody return down the road to AEW is going to remain a strong possibility, no matter where he ends up tomorrow.

One reason why I think it could be a work - Tony Khan has not said anything on his personal account. Everything has been said through AEW social media.

Wrestling reporters getting it wrong would not be surprising. It happens all the time.

If this entire thing is a ruse, then Tony Khan would lose all credibility, especially with me. He would just be another dishonest, carny promoter.

To say it on TV it’s an angle. To promote with a media release as fact it makes you look like someone who lacks credibility. If it was an angle it would be foolish to do it this way.


Very true. Especially if they put out the release through the Community Outreach page.

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But Cody, you haven’t ended racism yet!

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The “Community Outreach Page” is just Cody’s Twitter account that he renamed because he didn’t want to be on Twitter anymore

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Just thinking about Cody in-ring, people already arent huge fans of his. Some of his biggest moves, there is no way they are going to allow him to use in WWE. I dont mind him, but he will become very generic, very fast I think.

There also arent many opponents that I am dying to see him wrestle in WWE. Not that there were many in AEW either, but there were some more exciting combinations for him.

So, who will show up on Raw first? Cody or Veer?