Cody to WWE?

On the Raw side I think there are some options. Seth, Owens, and AJ come to mind right off the top of my head.

His PWTees store is still up and running. When/if that goes down then I will believe he’s going to WWE.

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Ideally those would all be good matches…if they took place in AEW. I dont see it in WWE. Im sure they will be alright, but he still had so many options in AEW, that i think woukd have been better.

Worth a quick read…

If he wanted big money then WWE was the right decision. But he will not be anything other than a midcard guy.

He’s smaller than Lashley and McIntyre and all of his strengths in AEW (promos, hardcore stuff, elaborate entrance) will not be allowed in WWE.

So, good luck.


Everyone hates Brandi. She’s literally the most useless person in wrestling for how far she is pushed. I’m sure everyone’s glad she’s gone

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I mean…

And again, I don’t think anybody, even the most die hard AEW fans, would say they enjoy Brandi or she ever contributed to the show. More than anybody else, her appearances on the show were universally panned.

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I liked the ‘Shot of Brandi’ Youtube series and the angles with Red Velvet, but other than that I’ve not really enjoyed her work. The recent promo battles with Dan Lambert have been excruciating. That being said, I don’t for a minute believe the “Nobody has a good thing to say about her” report from Keller, that’s bullshit.

She’s clearly liked by many and no doubt contributes behind the scenes in various ways. The amount of hate she gets from fans has always seemed overdone to me and that report seems like pandering to an audience and/or one or two people who have a grudge against her acting like everyone does. It’s such low hanging fruit to suggest either Cody or Brandi were greatly disliked now they’re leaving and there’s countless evidence to suggest otherwise.


Oh, I don’t believe that behind the scenes many have negative feelings toward Cody. He’s a guy who has worked hard to raise all ships around him. He brought many of the people he worked with on the indies prior to AEW’s existence into the company. He’s somebody who I have always tried to look at the positive of his in ring work as well.

I also have no doubt Brandi has worked very hard behind the scenes in whatever roles she has been given. However, I’d be hard pressed to see anybody who really saw much value in her on-air roles that she seems to have been given carte-blanche to experiment with over the last two years. There are plenty of other females I think who could contribute more and have gotten over far more in shorter times than did (Jade, Baker, Deeb).

Brandi is a very easy target - specifically for her on air work. And I don’t think it’s all unwarranted.

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It’s very hard to not see how much people don’t like Brandi the performer. She’s booed against Lambert isn’t she?

That’s like getting booed if interrupted the Million Dollar Man kicking a ball away from a kid. She should never be booed like that.

Everything she’s tried to do as a performance hasn’t worked. The nightmare collective sucked. Her stuff on TV right now doesn’t get the right reaction and they usually are train wrecks.

As for Brandi the person I’m not sure anyone is commenting on her. She might be lovely. She does nice charity work.

But it’s obvious that as a performer she hasn’t connected with the audience and in fact has go away heat. Yet she’s continually pushed out there taking up valuable TV time.

Why did they need her to light a table on fire? Why do they need her to spar with Dan Lambert? Surely there better people for these roles

You have to think that isn’t all because Tony thinks she’s the best person for that spot. It has to be more than that and perhaps that’s why he didn’t pick up her option.


I enjoy Brandi. Did she contribute to the show? Not really

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I think she was ok as Cody’s valet sometimes. I remember in early AEW (maybe Cody v Spears) she had a good promo on a road to segment. I also think she could have done ok in a manager role like she was meant to in the nightmare collective, but they gave her such a terrible assortment of talent for that, and it didn’t work with her managing that and being associated with Cody.

As for Cody to WWE I hope not as I just don’t see where he fits in at WWE. Midcard title matches against the Miz? You could go for a one off HHH program if HHH was healthy, but I don’t see him in the top level mix for the world level titles.

He has to feed his family though, and there aren’t many options outside of WWE that will pay him as much as he wants. Ultimately he does need a job and I’m sure WWE will start with a lush

I’m not saying he won’t go. He does have other projects that may pay some bills, but I just don’t know what he will do there other than take home a paycheck.

The one thing Cody has going for him, is WWE obviously wants to take AEW talent in response to all the talent they have lost. IF they want to increase their probability of getting guys like MJF, Mox, Jericho etc. to sign when their contracts are up, the booking of Cody does matter.

I know people will reference WCW guys and how they were booked, but that was different as WCW was dead and at the time there was no true competition (I never considered TNA true competition). AEW is legit competition, and if they want to set themselves up to scoop talent, I do think the booking of Cody is important, and for that reason I think he does have a shot. If I’m WWE, I put him in the Raw title match at mania. Flip the belt to Seth at EC, and do Seth vs Cody.

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I’m not sure I see “WWE obviously wants to take AEW talent.” Of anything they seem more than happy to flood the market with talent. AEW has taken all of maybe one guy they care about in Danielson. Maybe Mox they would want back. Cole they could have done something with and didn’t, same with Oriely. Punk was never going back. But most of the guys AEW have taken are guys the WWE kicked to the curb.

Respectfully I completely disagree with you. Are there select talents they don’t have interest in? Of course. However there is no way WWE isn’t going to be interested in guys like MJF, Mox, Bryan for a final run etc.

There are already reports (according to Agnew and Meltzer) that fox has let it be known to WWE that they have interest in MJF being on SD when he’s available. There is zero doubt in my mind that WWE wants to be able to attract some (of course not all) of the AEW talent.

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Just listened to the AEW podcast with Cody and Amanda Huber and he says “things of that nature” twice - clear indication he’s been talking to Vince. He’s totally gone

What if… Cody and Brandi are not headed to WWE, but instead is taking over booking and running RoH?

Cody Vs Finn or AJ? Kind of writes itself

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