Coliseum Home Video Requests

Battle Royal at The Royal Albert Hall is a must, in the past few days I have watched Rampage 91 & Mega Matches so I’m happy to get on board with that but the battle royal is my first choice.

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1.Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

2.Euro Rampage 92

3.UK Rampage 93

Thanks can’t wait to listen.

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Absolutley this! Inlcudes the first WWF ladder match too.

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I’m going to go with the three that were actual full cards from one arena, and not compilations

  1. Battle at the Royal Albert Hall

  2. Euro Rampage '92

  3. UK Rampage '93

I vote for Supertape 3, Has all my favorites in it. Perfect, Million Dollar Man, Rockers, LoD, and The Ultimate Warrior completely taking out a ring crew guy while running around the ring.

I liked the Battle at the Royal Albert Hall and it includes Roddy Piper breaking Mean Gene during his interview!

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Super tape 3 from 1991

Sounds like a great idea for a podcast!

My pick would be Super Tape 1992. It has the Tuesday In Texas event on it* which has my favourite Jake Roberts promos on, as a heel vs Savage. I’d always hoped Tuesday in Texas would make it to Rewind-A-Wai, just for those promos alone…but it’s a pretty obscure card, so this might be the next best thing!

*I’m fairly sure it’s Supertape 92. Apologies if I’m wrong, it’s been some years since I’ve seen the tape!

Funniest moments. Had it on vhs. Watched it the death as a kid.

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Battle Royal at Royal Albert Hall!


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Hottest Matches, any of the Supertapes, World Tour '90, Wrestlefest '93. I also would like to hear your thoughts on Lord Alfred Hayes and Sean Mooney. I am a mark for both of them.

Invasion of the Bodyslammers (1993)

This tape is hosted by Kamala at a bowling alley, and it features what I swear with no hyberbole whatsoever is the worst ending to a battle royal in wrestling history. Hands down, it cannot be topped.

Smash em whack em! Has a segment I still remember to this day of yokozuna demonstrating his normal daily diet (basically eating everything he can).

As announced on Rewind-A-Raw, we will be reviewing:

Battle at The Royal Albert Hall

(Dated: 10/03/1991 – Duration: 02:40:32)

  • The Nasty Boys vs The Rockers
  • Ric Flair vs Tito Santana
  • Earthquake vs Big Boss Man
  • The Mountie vs The Texas Tornado
  • The Undertaker vs Jim Duggan
  • WWF World Tag Team Championships: Power and Glory vs Legion of Doom
  • The British Bulldog vs The Barbarian
  • 20-Man Battle Royal



Watching it now. Great pick.

This card has a lot of potential Putski Award Winners!

Watched it. Nice nostalgia show. Won’t spoil the ending but it made me sad.

I had this show on VHS back in the day. Watched it over and over until the tape died. Not seen it since I was in my teens but I have fond memories of the show as a whole.

This show has the goat Undertaker entrance ever