Colt Cabana sues CM Punk over legal fees

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After fighting together on the same side and winning a defamation lawsuit two months ago, Colt Cabana and CM Punk are now on opposite sides of a legal battle.

Cabana, whose real name is Scott Colton, is suing UFC fighter CM Punk, whose real name is Phillip Jack Brooks, for breach of contract and fraud in Cook County Circuit Court.

Cabana and Punk have close friends since their days in Chicago’s independent pro wrestling circuit.

Cabana’s lawsuit contends Punk promised to help him out with the legal bills they amassed fighting the defamation lawsuit. Cabana claims Punk told him in a text that he would be “100% covered.”

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This pretty much confirms to me, that Punk wont be All In. I thought maybe there was a tiny chance, but I doubt they’ll want the potential drama of having Punk & Colt backstage.


Colt never made the type of money Punk did. Punk should have stepped up and helped Colt more. Sad it had to come to this.

Most definitely. Punk also banked from his two shitty UFC fights.


Punk’s a shitty friend…not surprised.

Only thing that bothers me is calling him a “UFC fighter”.

when this whole mess started, I went from being a Punk mark who thought Cabana was an idiot. 100% wrong and now have flipped that script. Not sure about the 1m but hope Punk has to pay for all that he originally promised.

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At some point Punk stopped being friends with Cabana all because Colt went to a WWE event to see friends in the back. Punk said he felt betrayed by Colt and their friendship was over. This was a few years back an I think Colt briefly mentioned it on his pod cast.

Colt could be a dick have have all of Punks stuff removed from Pro Wrestling Tees.

Geez, what a surprise. Punk turning on another wrestling friend.

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Colt got in that mess because of punk, the less he could have done is helping him played his legal fee since he has more money then colt.

Anyway, It’s again a case of he says, he says at this point so I’m not going to judge any of them bases on this case but if It’s true that punk offered to pay colt legal fees only to not do it in the end, he’s a shitty human being.

In one way or another I think their friendship ended shorty after their podcast aired. The way Colt talked about Punk during the trial, seems to me he had an idea that Punk might pull this kind of thing, knowing that they weren’t really friends anymore.

Watch CM Punk fanboys still defend him just cause OMG he’s CM Punk :joy:

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A quick Twitter scan turns up a lot of “well, they never had a contract” talk… bold strategy to defend a guy who literally walked out on a contract.


Colt confirmed for winning that battle royal @ all-in, and then winning the belt.

I can’t blame him as he probably doesn’t have the type of money needed for this and Punk is doing very well in that aspect. I’m sure Colt blames Punk for the whole case happening as well but in the same vein, Colt let Punk on his podcast and pushed it hard.

Hope for both their sake (but especially Colt’s), they just settle out of court.