Colt Cabana was going to be full-time with NJPW prior to joining AEW

Originally published at Colt Cabana was going to be full-time with NJPW prior to joining AEW

Cabana’s team with Yano was going to be a full-time act in NJPW. 

Present day, Colt Cabana is contracted to All Elite Wrestling as a talent and producer. Prior to joining the company, Cabana had been working dates with New Japan Pro-Wrestling in addition to independent bookings. In 2019, Cabana was a part of the New Japan Cup and World Tag League tournaments. 

While speaking to Good Karma Wrestling, Cabana mentioned that him and Brandon Cutler have been trying to start a team. This led to Cabana sharing that prior to joining AEW, he planned to go full-time with New Japan as a part of a team with Toru Yano. 

I don’t even think it’s possible but this is a little inside baseball maybe or, I don’t know that everyone will pick up on it but you know, Brandon Cutler and I have been trying to tag a little bit and I was like, ‘Hey, we should watch some Florida Brothers content.’ It was an old, Japanese, early 2000, pure comedy… They were a Japanese tag team who were clearly Japanese and saying they were from Florida and I guess it would hold a whole new meaning nowadays. Like maybe they should grab (Joey) Janela and tag up as The Florida Men but, yeah, I guess a dream match would probably be me and Cutler versus The Florida brothers for 2023 Colt Cabana. 

Really hope so (Tony Khan books it). I’ll also let you know, before the pandemic, before signing with AEW, I was tagging with (Toru) Yano and I was gonna be a full-time New Japan wrestler with Yano and I made the decision to go to AEW so, maybe there’s something to me, Cutler and Yano versus the Florida Brothers and Florida Man (he laughed). I don’t know if Tony will book Janela anymore but, we’ll see. 

In the aforementioned 2019 World Tag League tournament, Cabana and Yano finished with 18 points and were tied with two other teams for fifth place. 

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