Colt Canbana's podcast this week is about the trial.

Just release a few hours ago. I’ll give it a listen later on.

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I listened on my way into work. He took notes and gave a little play by play on what happened each day and how he was feeling. I thought it was good and like always he is honest on his feelings

I really enjoyed this podcast getting to hear things from a different angle after reading all the WrestleZone notes. I loved all the stories about Colts lawyer, especially when he points out how boring the podcast if you weren’t a wrestling fan (not to mention most people didn’t know what a podcast was).

I live in the bubble where this was all a big deal, but the jurors they picked obviously couldn’t care less which makes the amount of money they were asking for even more absurd.

I was trying to think of an example of similar case where I would be the one on the jury who couldn’t care less. Like a civil suit over a VHS tape or something.

I can’t believe the replayed the entire 2 hour pod cast in court. I just re-listened to it today… maybe 10 minutes of it has anything to do with “The Lump”. I can easily imagine a jury member being like “WTF, they didn’t pay him, made him work hurt, fired him on his wedding day and he is the guy being sued?”.

i sat in on a malpractice case 20 some years ago. Lady was suing a doctor for leg pains after an out patient procedure. The doctor was the one who invented the procedure and trained almost every other doctor in the country how to do it. (it was something to do with dermatology). Her lawyer had his expert witness that couldnt be bothered to be there and they played a taped deposition. It was 1 1/2 hours long and boring as fuck. The main thing her lawyer kept bring up was that the doctor did not have hospital privileges for any of the local hospitals. The thing was she did not need them cause she did not do surgery, it was all out patient done in her office and the whole procedure was usually over in less then an hour. Needless to say we found for the doctor in less then 1 hour of deliberation

With this podcast and the WrestleZone play-by-play coverage I feel like i was there.

I loved at the end the lawyer asking “Sunday is Fathers Day you coming over?” and Colt saying yes he would be there.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, there was a specific part of this podcast where Colt was going over the physical toll the trial was taking on him and I had a very strong anxiety response to it, just thinking about that part now I’m getting antsy. I can’t imagine how sick I would feel in his position. I’m so glad this nonsense is over with and Colt and Punk can go back to getting on with there lives. Hopefully this is the last either man has to deal with WWE’s bullshit.