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Hopeless is a phenomenal writer. I loved his run on all new xmen. It’s criminal he’s not getting more work for Marvel right now.

Thank You! :blush: I’ve been enjoying Doomsday Clock over Metal but please continue to post about that or any other Rebirth title. I honestly have never read so much DC in my life than since Rebirth launched. Very happy so far!

Johns work is fantastic. Is is the only writer I really read after my comic collecting stopped. I wish at some point wrestling would be able to find a “writer” like johns who knows the history of the characters and how to make a story work for those characters.

I never could get into comics…I like movie adaptations, but the closest I ever got to reading comics were Archies…people who can remember a time before smart phones will remember a stack of Archies always in someone’s bathroom.


I really enjoy the new (well new since 2011) series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW. It incorporates the best things from the original comics, the cartoons and the movies. Definitely give them a read.

Also the Batman and Ninja Turtles crossovers are fantastic too.

If you enjoy these, then I suggest giving the original Mirage comics a read. They’re great.

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Anyone reading Doomsday Clock? I really love it. Haven’t spoken to anyone about it. It hits a sweet spot I feel lacking in Metal.

When I heard that Doomsday Clock was being delayed and will be putting out issues every other month I made the decision to just wait for the trade. I love Geoff John’s writing though and am really looking forward to finally reading the full story. I don’t hold Watchmen on a high pedestal so I don’t have a problem with DC doing something new with the characters as long as its good.

I’m doing the same with Metal. I like Scott Snyder’s Batman run a lot but with multiple series going on in Metal it seemed like too much to try to follow week-to-week.

Just checking in. What are prople reading now?

Tom King will be on seth myers late night show tonight to make some announcement.

I love his Batman and Mr. Miracle. Im excited for the return of the Fantastic Four this summer.

I will miss waids Captain America run and Donny Cates’ Dr. STRANGE. Avengers has been fun!

Hopefully this week I’m planning to start the prelude issues to the Batman wedding, John Wick and Oblivion Song.

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Doomsday clock and some old batman stuff

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Man of Steel by Brian Michael Bendis - BMB gets a lot of criticism from some fans online but I’ve always enjoyed his work. Just one issue in and it seems like he has a good grasp of Superman and this is obviously going to be an important series to read before he takes over Superman/Action Comics.

Super Sons by Peter Tomasi - Main series just ended but a new series is supposed to be starting. Super Sons is that Teen Titans/Young Justice style book i’m always looking for. Lots of fun, teen drama, action that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I also love Jon and the idea of Superman having a kid. It’s such a natural fit. Superman’s always been that “father figure” to the entire DCU.

Justice League by Scott Snyder - Only one issue in but off to a good start. I love Scott Snyder and the huge scope he brought to his Batman books will be a natural fit for the Justice League. I’m also a big fan of the Bruce Timm cartoon and am happy to see Snyder is using mostly the same roster.

Batman White Knight by Sean Murphy - The most amazing looking comic currently being published. Sean Murphy’s art is incredible and a natural fit for this crazy, but familiar, alternate universe Gotham he’s created. This will be an instant classic when it’s done.

I’m planning on catching up on Metal, Doomsday Clock, Mister Miracle, and finally Tom King’s Batman in trades.

Thor by Jason Aaron - I’ve read Jason Aaron’s entire Thor run from God of Thunder Thor to Mighty Jane Thor and now back to Odinson. It’s been an epic ride that looks like it’s just going to continue.

Avengers by Jason Aaron - Maybe a pattern. Still a brand new series but Aaron seems to be putting together another epic story.

I’ll miss BMB’s series at Marvel I was following - Infamous Iron Man (aka Doom’s face turn), Defenders, Jessica Jones.

Marvel also just wrapped up a few other series I was following like Thanos and Slott’s long Spider-Man run. But there are some new series coming up that I am excited about like Captain America by Ta-Nehishi Coates with Yu on art.

Power Rangers from Boom! studios - A childhood favorite of mine re-imagined and rebooted as a super-hero comic I have enjoyed the most since it started. It’s currently in the middle of a crossover event that feels like the summer comic events of my childhood (like Age of Apocalypse). Loving it.

East of West by Jonathan Hickman - Hickman is another of my favorite writers and while I admit this series isn’t perfect it’s a lot of fun with a lot of mysteries I just can’t quit.

The Wicked + The Divine by Gillen and Mckelvie - Another wonderful series I’ve been following for a long time.

I recently caught up on Mark Miller’s Jupiter’s Legacy/Jupiter’s Circle series and it was phenomenal. The best deconstruction and mature super-hero series I have read in a looooong time. I don’t feel like it’s an exaggeration to say it’s the Watchmen for the millennial generation. Especially with Frank Quitely’s art.

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Im also bummed bendis isnt’t writing those Marvel books anymore. I really enjoyed the first issue of Man of Steel.

Captain America in July is what im probably most looking forward. I recommend reading all thos tom king batman trades. A great run thus far.

Aaron’s Thor has been amazing and i can’t wait to read the new number one later!

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I wanted to give everyone a heads up on an App (and website) I recently discovered that lets you read a ton of comic books for free (legally!). I know starting to read comic books can be a daunting and expensive looking task so this is a great way to read some of the best books ever published.

It’s called hoopla: All you need is a library card for your local library and you will have access to the comic book archives they have online. I’ve recently gotten caught up on a bunch of Superman and Marvel comic books by using it. I’m not sure how well it works internationally.

There’s also Marvel Unlimited for $10/mo. which is a better deal than the Network. I’ve read hundreds of individual issues using Unlimited which would have cost hundreds of dollars to buy.

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Figured this would be the best place for this, but Stitcher is releasing Wolverine the Long Night out for non premium listeners with some ads, and each episode coming out Wednesdays.

Anyone checked out Action Comics 1000 yet? How was it?

At this point it came out a few months ago. But I thought it was a wonderful collection of short comics which highlighted all the different era’s of Superman by a lot of great writers. The story by Geoff Johns and art by the amazing Olivier Coipel is one that’s really stuck with me as an homage to Superman’s origins. Definitely worth picking up.

There are a ton of artists and writers who have made massive contributions to the Superman comics that didn’t have a chance to have a story put in the issue which is a shame, but it was the 1,000th issue not 1,000 pages.

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I loved action 1000. The books spinning out of that with Bendis have been pretty good as well!

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I learned to read English in the '50s and early '60s thanks to DC comics. My favorites were Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Superboy, Detective Comics (Batman), and The Fly (Red Circle Comics, circa 1959).

Back in the day comic books had a huge amount of words crammed into each picture box on the page. And, for a six or seven year old some of the words were difficult, i.e. hallucination (a favorite in the Superman books), bizarre (Bizarro), etc. Quite frankly, in my opinion, comics were just as important as school as far as improving my reading.

I could be wrong, but nowadays the comic book publishers focus more on the art work than the words of a story. People don’t read or don’t know how to read and, unfortunately, comic books seem to reflect that cultural phenomenon. Even comic books have fallen victim to the dumbing down of America!

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I also grew up reading comic books, only it was the 80’s and 90’s. They were for me a big part of creating my passion for reading. And as I grew older I found comic books and graphic novels that grew with me and that would challenge my vocabulary and engage my imagination.

Art is absolutely critical for a comic book to work. At the end of the day it is a visual medium and requires artwork. Otherwise it would just be a normal book.

But I disagree that comics have been “dumbed down” or don’t focus on the story. As a follower of the industry I can tell you the writer is a lot more important than the artist to the sales and success of a book. Many readers “follow” their favorite writers from book to book. And many writers are also best-selling authors in their own right (Brad Metzler, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Tom King, Rainbow Rowell, and more). Whereas nowadays there are almost no superstar artists that can sell a book alone without a good writer.

And there are plenty of words per page still in the typical book. See this example from a recent issue of Justice League by Scott Snyder.