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What are some of the best comic issues Stan has written? I did love his #634–645 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, one of the last issues he wrote and developed.


“Spider-Man No More” and “The Final Chapter” are two of the best Lee/Ditko Spider-Man stories. I always think of the final chapter in particular as the definitive Spider-Man story.


House of M is one of my all time comic book events. It introduced me to Olivier Coipel’s art which i’ve since become a huge fan of and read everything he drawls.

What about everyone else? “Events” are a key part of modern comic books and there have been some great ones. My favorites are House of M, Infinite Crisis, Siege, and the Sinestro Corps stories.

I’m also really excited about the upcoming “War of the Realms” by Jason Aaron which has been building up in his Thor books now for 5 years!


House of M. Its ramifications were felt all the way to AvX (2012)
Fear Itself was good.
Doomwar. Dr Doom vs Black Panther and friends
Civil War 1 & 2

and then every other Marvel event I didn’t mention usually stunk imo


I liked Civil War more than House of M. Stories that really got me were the original Age of Apoçalypse, Infinite Crisis and Secret Wars (2015).


Lots of love for Civil War which i’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of. The series has gorgeous art by Steve McNiven but I thought the characterizations by the writer Mark Millar were totally off. Especially for Cap, Iron Man and Mr Fantastic. Mark Millar was writing the Ultimates book at the time and it would have fit right in to that universe but didn’t make much sense with the classic characters. I thought the movie did a better job with the premise and haven’t even read Civil War 2.

Age of Apocalypse is a classic that still holds up really well with great stories by some superstar writers like Mark Waid, Jeph Loeb and Warren Ellis.


100% agreed. I understand why a lot of people love the Civil War story. It’s a great concept in nature, with the superhero registration act and the heroes having to choose sides over it, and as you mentioned the artwork is beautiful: but the characterization was so bad in regards to your key characters, I thought it was almost unreadable. It kind of felt like fan-fiction to me. It definitely would of suited the ultimate characterizations more, although I must confess I’m not a huge fan of the Ultimate Universe outside of the Spider-Man series (which I thought was an excellent updated take on the character)


Let’s see if I can remember my pull list off the top of my head:

Captain America
X-Men: Red

Action Comics
United States vs. Murder Inc

Black Science
Deadly Class
Death or Glory
7 to Eternity
Last Siege
Magic Order
Southern Bastards

I (duh) follow writers more than books and this X book is the only one I’ve read since mark Millar’s Ultimate X-Men run.

I’m a huge Bendis fan and his move to DC’s been great based, I think, on where the company’s priorities are now compared to where Marvel is.
I can talk comics even more than I can talk rasslin, and a buddy and I managed to get 1 issue of a comic made. There’s a not-ideal for reading posting of it that I can share if anyone’s interested. It’s a good solid rated R for violence and language.


So I loved it, but that’s because I never cared about non-X Marvel books until Millar, Bendis, and Brubaker came on the scene for them.
I heard a great description of Millar’s work that he basically gets to come in and do drive-by’s on characters and leaves the heavy lifting for everyone else. I think you could say he did that to the whole of the 616 with CW, and at the time I really enjoyed it.
Parts of the event are still kind of enjoyable in a very Millar-y way, but it doesn’t hold together all that well.

I think what came out of it was better now than the event itself, and Ellis’s Thunderbolts is still super cool and enjoyable.


I definitely agree with that. “The Initiative” era of Marvel after Civil War had some great stuff, including Brubakers long run on Captain America after Steve was killed. And it was fun for a little while to have Iron Man as the biggest heel in the Marvel Universe before his redemption arc after Secret Invasion.

I really like most of Millars non Civil War work too. If you haven’t checked it out you should definitely read Jupiter’s Legacy. One of the best super hero stories I’ve ever read and up there IMO with Watchmen as a pinnacle of the genre.


Unpopular opinion. Ironheart’s new writer wrote Riri Williams better than Bendis.


Totally agree, though I think Bendis especially post Ultimate Universe is totally overrated. Since coming to DC there has been 2 and 1/3 books he’s written that I thought were worth the money I spent.

Action Comics 1000 (he only did a small story)
Man of Steel #1
Man of Steel #2

DC has so many awesome writers that Bendis was not needed at all. Tomasi should still be doing Superman.

They have:

Tyrion IV

All of them to me are far and above anything Bendis has put out since going to DC earlier this year.


What is everyone’s thoughts on Uncanny X-Men so far?

I never got into X-Men Red, Gold, Blue etc. They were to me just mediocre to poor in quality.

I like Ed Brisson - his run with Darth Vader was pretty awesome. Uncanny X-Men feels “Meh”. I love seeing the team have some 90’s flavor, and seeing Bishop, Jubliee, Cannonball was pretty cool but the story doesn’t grip me like I feel X-Men should. I know it is new and still building, though I don’t like the idea of the Horsemen of Peace and Omega Red looking like a metal Ursula from the Little Mermaid but I plan on seeing where this goes for at least a few more issues.


I like uncanny. Im not a fan of weekly comics but the writers revere the 90s which is when i started xmen. Plus they are bringing cyclops back. So I’m All In!


They need a new goal tho. The dream was a sham. Professor X’s name has been dragged in the mud recently. They need an X-summit. All the leaders. Rethink their stance on mutants place going forward.


Anybody have recommendations on some good Flashpoint comics?


Do you mean comics associated with the 2011 Flashpoint event by DC? Or the post-flashpoint “New-52” rebooted comics?

I haven’t read any of the Flashpoint tie-ins since they came out. The main Flashpoint book was a good Flash/alternate universe story.

The tie-ins I remember being good were the Batman one which was a really dark, twisted reimagining of an older Batman and the Wonder Woman/Aquaman series which led up to the war between the two which is a main plot of Flashpoint.


Crisis on Infinite Earths will take place next year on The CW. I’d never thought they would they go that high up already. That comic series was my introduction to DC when I was a little kid and my mind is so ecstatic right now. The bar is so HIGH now for The CW and there are so many expectations to be delivered. All the current DC shows gotta play a role. I hope a Smallville and 90s Flash presence on it as well. OMG!


I dig the arrow verse crossovers.

I read Crisis years after the fact. I adored Johns’ Infinite Crisis in 2005 as well. Big, crazy fun action.


I just read doomsday clock 8 and loved it. Dc is on a roll. I cant wait to read batman who laughs, which I just picked up.

Anyone reading amazing spiderman from marvel? Its my favorite marvel comic currently!