Comparison of Raw's viewership to post-PPV shows in 2019

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Photo courtesy: WWE

Monday’s episode of Raw following the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view didn’t receive much of an increase in its viewership.

This week’s three-hour average of 2,276,000 viewers was up 41,000 or 1.8% from last week’s number. This week was their fifth-lowest average of 2019 and is the second consecutive week without sports competition indicating fans that checked out during the playoff season have not returned. It was their second-lowest pay-per-view bump of 2019 behind the Raw following Fastlane in March.

The first hour began with 2.37 million viewers and stayed relatively similar in the second hour with 2.32 million before an 8.2% drop in the final hour. The decline was not that bad for the final hour with the company going with an attractive match on paper in the main event slot for the second straight week. Last week, the show built to a match between Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan and this week it led to the first WWE match between Ricochet and AJ Styles.

Year-over-year the show was down 14.7% from this same week in 2018, which featured a 28-minute main event between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler that saw the show grow throughout the three hours with the third hour doing the highest average.

Here are the viewership averages following each pay-per-view from 2019 along with the percentage difference from the prior week:

*Stomping Grounds: June 24 – 2,276,000 (+1.83%)
*Super Showdown: June 3 – 2,405,000 (+9.8%)
*Money in the Bank: May 20 – 2,521,000 (+10.3%)
*WrestleMania 35: April 8 – 2,924,000 (+10.8%)
*Fastlane: March 11 – 2,818,000 (+1.26%)
*Elimination Chamber: Feb. 18 – 2,771,000 (+12.6%)
*Royal Rumble: Jan. 28 – 2,703,000 (+9.8%)

The NBA awards show was on so maybe that was a slight factor ?