Conor McGregor accepts plea agreement for bus attack in Brooklyn

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Photo courtesy: AFP

Conor McGregor was in court Thursday to accept a plea deal for the charges he was facing after the altercation in Brooklyn this past April.

At Kings Courthouse in Brooklyn, McGregor pleaded guilty to one count of disorderly conduct while the felony charges against McGregor were dismissed. McGregor will avoid a criminal record and will not have travel restrictions after accepting the plea deal.

As part of the plea agreement, McGregor has agreed to five days of community service, an anger management evaluation along with restitution to be paid for the damages to the bus that he threw a dolly at in April at the Barclay’s Center.

McGregor cannot come into contact with Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg for a period of two years after the two filed orders of protection after they were injured in the attack. Both were removed from the UFC 223 card the following day in Brooklyn, with Chiesa recently noting that he was seeking out legal options.

McGregor is free to resume his fighting career.

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Which fight would you interest you more; Khabib or the Nate trilogy?

Feels like all the momentum is on the Khabib fight right now. If I’m the UFC, I’m hoping Khabib beats Conor to increase his star power, then they are free to put together Conor/Nate 3 and Khabib/Ferguson (for the 5th time).

If Conor wins, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC starts building towards Conor McGregor vs Georges St Pierre. That fight could conceivably do 2 million buys on PPV.

Agreed, the Khabib fight is the more buzzworthy fight at the moment, especially after the bus incident.

I don’t feel like the UFC would want the ‘money fight rollercoaster’ to slow at all though, which it would if he lost to Khabib, in my opinion. They’re really obviously hurting for stars.

My prediction would be (1) beating Khabib at 155, (2) beating Nate at 155 (which I believe is that the third fight has been rumored to be put at? I know the first two were at 170…), and (3) losing to GSP at 170.

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I think Khabib is starting to break into that class of mainstream stars, but that aura is due to his record. Once he loses, that star power will diminish. Conor on the other hand can take a loss and lose nothing, because ultimately it’s his personality that has driven him to where he is today. Look at the first Nate loss or the Floyd loss if you want to consider that. He’s become an even bigger star after both losses.

You mentioned what you think Conor’s next few fights will be and I think you hit the magic number in your prediction with 3. I don’t see him having more then 3 fights left in his career, given what he’s said about wanting to get out of the sport young. If I’m the UFC, and I’m hurting for starpower, I would want to translate as much of that starpower to others as they can before Conor walks away.

Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey (to differing effects) all did this before they left the sport, and legitimized names like Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua, Cain Velasquez, Alistair Overeem, Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes to the casual American audience who were perhaps unfamiliar with them.

Oh yeah, he’s got to have as many well strategized ‘Hogan/Warrior’ handover moments as possible before retiring. Do you think he could transition as well as to WWE? I doubt he’ll be #AllIn:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol im not saying it would be his intention to lose any of those fights, but as a promotion the UFC needs to start looking to a near future where their guaranteed million-buy superstars like Conor, Brock and GSP are all going to be gone.

And hey, never say never about Conor doing a one off WWE match. If the money’s right, he’ll do it. Would actually love to see him cut a PG WWE styled promo lol.

Just like I predicted when this first happened… slap on the wrist and if he decides to do another match it will make millions.

As “shocking” as the video of what he did was, in reality it’s no where near as bad as the things Jon Jones has done. Throwing a dolly at a bus is not nearly as bad as doping, driving drunk, fleeing the scene of an accident where you injured a pregnant woman (but managed to run back to retrieve some drugs). But he will be rewarded with millions once he is eligible to fight again too.

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