Conor McGregor storms UFC 223 media day, Dana White speaks to media on incident

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UPDATE: Marc Raimondi of MMA Fighting posted the following regarding McGregor:

Just spoke to a spokesman for the NYPD. There is no warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest at this time, he said. They are, though, looking for him and want to speak with him, the spokesman said. No one has filed charges against McGregor at this moment.

A frightening scene went down at the Barclays Center on Thursday, following the UFC 223 media day with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and members of his entourage storming the arena and getting violent.

Video has surfaced that displays McGregor and his teammates surrounding the vans holding various fighters with chairs and a bike rack being thrown. UFC lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa suffered a laceration during the altercation and been taken to a hospital, according to MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani.

UFC president Dana White returned to the venue in the wake of this news and has removed McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov from Saturday’s UFC 223 card for his fight with Alex Caceres. White added that members of the MacLife website (who were credentialed by the UFC) were the ones that allowed McGregor’s team to enter the building. White noted that a warrant is out for McGregor’s arrest and called the incident “the most despicable thing in UFC history” in a statement to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

UFC president Dana White spoke to MMA Junkie about the incident:

MMA is a real sport. No fake soap opera crap like that silly wrestling…


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This behavior will be rewarded by millions of dollars for his next PPV


Only Khabib and Ali were on that bus…that’s some punk shit.

Imagine if Khabibs entire team were there.

Could’ve brought 5 guys and confronted Khabib for what he did to Artem imo.

This is literally the most soap opera crap that I have ever seen. Real or fake.

Don’t see the significance of a story from last year in mexico has to do with a UFC event like this.

Conor flew to NYC to stand up for his friend then fled the scene. Now he can’t leave the state Dana is mad at him and he stopped a fight from happening. I feel like you don’t get the drama of it let me tell you it is BIG

Next week on UFC: Dana vs his son for Control of the UFC!!!1

So it’s better that drama occurs and a fight doesnt?

I’m sure all five of those fight pass subscribers were dying to watch Artem Lobov.

The fact is in wrestling the soap opera leads to a fight in mma it doesn’t.

Sheeeeit…you can burn any bridge, but if you have something somebody can exploit, they’re sending you a boat.

Connor/Khabib would most likely happen next year.

Pretty sure Khabib is shook after this. He’ll play like he’s not but he’s nothing

Wish Conor was my homie

Connor broke a window…gangster should’ve got into the bus.

and rolling 30 deep is some punk shit.

You’ve clear never rolled 30 deep it’s some thug shot. He was only there to make a point. He’s a real gangster

Throwing shit instead of challenging the guy to a fight…some punk shit.

Cornering a guy with your boys to intimidate him then sit on a bus that is some bitch shot. Conor is a thug he’s going to get sued and gives 0 fucks he’s a thug

Cornering a guy…yeah that’s the same as throwing shit with a gang of hanger ons. :smirk: