Control Your Narrative (CYN) announce deal with Pro Wrestling TV

Originally published at Control Your Narrative (CYN) announce deal with Pro Wrestling TV

Control Your Narrative (CYN) – the promotion spearheaded by EC3, has announced a distribution deal with Pro Wrestling TV.

EC3 released the information on Instagram that CYN has signed an exclusive deal with the soon-to-be-launched Pro Wrestling TV. The channel is expected to include both a linear channel and an on-demand streaming app that would be ad-supported, per the announcement.

The press release stated plans for CYN to tour with an emphasis being placed on the stories of each one of its performers.

From Pro Wrestling TV president Brandon Blackburn:

Control Your Narrative will give professional wrestling fans something never seen before. From the presentation to how its stories are told, we are thrilled to give them a home to bring their brand to a worldwide audience

The press release added that Pro Wrestling TV is expected to launch in April.

CYN will hold its first live event during WrestleMania Week with a card from the Southside Music Hall at Gilley’s on Thursday, March 31st.


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Just curious if anyone has checked this out? If yes, is it any good? Ive seen some feedback on Tik Tok, and its mostly making fun of it to be completely honest as it looks like they tape in an Applebees.

I saw one segment where EC3 talks about going into the “rant room” which was a janitors closet. Also seems a lot are giving Braun a hard time about wrestling in such a small setting after the comments he made about the indys a few years ago.