Corey Graves hypes Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul: “There is too much money sitting on the table”

Originally published at Corey Graves hypes a Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul match: “There is too much money sitting on the table”

Corey Graves has said a Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul match would capture “the eyes of the world.”

Speaking with fellow commentator Kevin Patrick on the After the Bell podcast, he said he had weighed up the pros and cons of pitting the two stars against each other:

I’ve calculated it and tried to think ahead of all the arguments against. Ordinarily, I would say you take two celebrities from outside of WWE and you put them in the same match, you are cooking up a recipe for disaster.

Not Bad Bunny and Logan Paul. I’m saying give them time to prepare. We know how much work and effort Bad Bunny and Logan Paul have both put in leading up to their epic WWE performances.

Graves added that he was a traditionalist at times, and knew that some would hate the idea:

Had you mentioned this to me 10 years ago when I got signed to developmental and I was in FCW, there was a chip on a lot of our shoulders.

I’ve discussed this with numerous guests. I’ve talked about it with Rollins extensively. We were kind of the mentality of, “Well, we paid our dues. We worked and scratched and clawed to get here.”

But now we sit back and we go, “Hey, wait a minute. A rising tide raises all ships.”

If Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul were to be made and advertised and promoted, everybody else in the locker room would be begging to get on that card.

Much like any anytime Logan Paul fights in the boxing world, or his brother, look at — again, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is coming up. There are a lot of up-and-coming hungry boxers who would love to just have their name on that card because it brings in eyeballs.

And at the end of the day, that’s what this business is about. It’s promotion.

Graves admitted that the match was not likely any time soon, but added:

I think there’s definitely too much money sitting on the table there to not see that at some point.

He said that Puerto Rico could be the ideal venue for the match, with the obvious link to Bad Bunny and the fact that Logan Paul owns a home on the island.