cornette on Talk is jericho

Did anybody listen to wednesday’s talk is jericho with jim cornette. It was a fun listen and really put in perpective what wrestling should be and listening to Jericho and Cornette together, just discussing about wrestling was awesome and felt like if we the listener was a fly on the wall listening to 2 old friends discussing about a subject they love.

Love listening to Corny talk about wrestling. You really get a master’s degree education on wrestling history & philosophy from him.

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I agree he is great at talking about wrestling (and talking in general). Too bad every time he has been the booker or in charge it wasn’t very good.

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I have to disagree with you, he never had the success of a Vince McMahon but Smokey mountain was a pretty decent success for a regional company, OVW was one of the most successful developmental territory WWE ever had before NXT got started, plus if Sinclair would have put any effort or money into ROH during his run, ROH would have gotten to the point it is right now a lot sooner as he was really the reason so many guys were able to have a platform to get into the wwe radar.