Cornette reviews the money in the bank matches


I respect his history in the business but obviously he is too literal of what realistic wrestling should be in today’s current environment.

Appreciate that he is not just crapping on AEW’s product, but still, you have to suspend your disbelief during these taped matches, even if you don’t like it.

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No you don’t. They could stop peddling this tv “drama” (or whatever you want to call this shit) as pro wrestling.

Although to be fair to WWE, they acknowledge they aren’t a pro-wrestling company but instead sports entertainment. So maybe the solution is wrestling fans should just stop getting pissed off by this shit and leave it up to the die hard sports entertainment fans to “enjoy” it.

This exact match was crap, though. For what matters - I had the exact same thoughts on Asuka jumping off the second floor on the other girls. This was shot so, SO poorly with them clearly waiting for her to fall.

I’m sorry for my “suspension of disbelief”.

Hey, remember the original “Brother Neeeero!” saga? It was silly stupid, shot with a cell phone, a drone instead a hellicopter and looked 10 000 times better, logical and real than this overproduced clusterf@ck from the last weekend.

For almost all modern wrestling, Cornette is a football coach watching a football movie and complaining that the defense didn’t use a nickel package when they should have. He’s not wrong, but he’s also not watching what he thinks he’s watching.

I occasionally listen to his reviews when it’s something I’ve also watched (i.e. Wrestlemania) and I’m surprised by how complimentary of a lot of the action/talent he is. But he’s Jim Cornette, so if he doesn’t like something, he immediately goes into “everybody associated with it should die” mode.

I did like how he mentioned it would be funny if on Raw there was a shot of Rey and Black still dangling from a window cleaning platform.

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So based on your analogy we agree that this “cinematic” rubbish is not wrestling (it can be called anything else as far as I am concerned)?

The corporate but mostly accurate answer is “it’s WWE” which, for better or worse, can be whatever they want it to be. That’s not to say fans have to like it, but it’s the bubble they’ve built for themselves.

To me personally, it’s all under the umbrella of “pro wrestling” - at least in the same way that Steve Austin and Booker T. brawling in a grocery store is pro wrestling. But I think that stuff like the Money in the Bank or the Boneyard Match or the Fun House Match (or the Broken Universe stuff in TNA) are segments, not wrestling matches.

I know that there’s probably been WAY more taped wrestling than live wrestling on television in the past 70-or-so years, but there’s still a huge difference between editing a match that was performed in a ring (and usually in front of a live audience) and shooting a short film on location somewhere - stopping to setup spots and maybe even filming out of sequence.

Totally agree with everything you said. The change is that WWE (and other companies) are now presenting segments as matches and have gone way beyond the ridiculousness of the segments of old to the point they are just indulging “writers” and “performers” which devalues pro-wrestling and just further alienates people like me who won’t indulge this stupid and childish presentation.

I definitely enjoy gym, but I really disagree with him on this one. They were good parts and bad parts of the match, but I love the thinking outside the box. I wish they would do more things like this.

He usually shits on WWE whenever he watches it, much more than he does when it comes to AEW because he loves MJF, Cody, Jericho and Jungle Boy. It’s just that any criticism of AEW is taken as if that person is criticising everything about AEW.

As far as people having to suspend their disbelief for these sorts of matches, I don’t totally agree. In their own bubble they may get a pass but they still exist beyond that bubble and will still get mentioned when we’re not in the fantasy part of wrestling. People can suspend their disbelief for shows but when the line keeps moving from here to there on a regular basis then the lack of consistency just becomes annoying.