CoronaMania: Welcome To The Covid Penitentiary!

Confirmed positive COVID on someone we saw yesterday. They were sent home and were a recent traveller to self isolate. I would imagine it’s going to be get worse

Unfortunately there’s a big difference between how serious the population and private businesses are handling it, and actual people in charge. The company I work for cancelled our biggest customer expo of the year on the the same day Trump tried telling Fox News viewers the mortality rate was vastly overblown and tried to change the numbers.

Also not that I wish death on anyone, but If this thing takes out a few MAGA Hats that still believe it’s all a democratic/media hoax, I think we can all agree the world will be a mildly better place.

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@Dan do you think the US Media Coverage of Coronavirus is informative, political, sensational, fair & balanced?

I am curious what your opinion is.

Also…I am getting nervous about Mania.
It will be interesting if foreign talent start backing out of the other events. It dwindles the excitement for traveling to Tampa when the trip just becomes TakeOver/Mania and even that is sketch health wise.

I said a week ago that I don’t think it’s WWE’s responsibility to cancel and that it’s up to the public to make their own decisions. But at this point, I take that back. If nothing else, WWE has a responsibility to its own talent, whether on-camera or backstage or corporate and regardless of employee vs. independent contractor status. Some companies are telling employees not to attend any events with more than 30 people, meanwhile WWE is about to stage its biggest event of the year.

I know that Vince McMahon would probably rather die than cancel (or even reschedule) Wrestlemania, but there is literally no event in the world in the next couple of months that would shock me if it got cancelled right now.

They don’t need to actually cancel the whole thing though. Like sporting events around the world are currently doing; the show could go ahead in an empty or near empty arena.

The only US coverage I have seen is CNN radio during my commute. It probably has the usual political leaning/bashing but the facts match (for the most part) with Canadian news and the independents. But there are literally people out there that think it’s a hoax or that the president has more information than the experts. It’s really bat shit

Isnt most of the wrestlwmania revenue from live gate and merch? What would be the point?

Also 7 hours of empty arena matches? HARD PASS

The whole of Italy has just been placed on lockdown. Essentially a whole country has been put under quarantine.

It would take a lot for America to get to that level but I dont see it being a definite that Mania goes ahead anymore.

I thought people were over reacting and there was no chance Vince would call it off. But it might be out of his hands

I don’t know about most, but clearly it’s a significant chunk. It comes down to whether cancelling such a large event at this hour would be worse financially than little to no ticket/merch revenue.

Brian Mann has suggested on Twitter moving it to a small, intimate arena. Same effect, but we get a crowd for the atmosphere. Arguably a better atmosphere.

In my opinion, Moving it to a smaller venue would be worse than cancelling it. The logistical nightmare that would be not to mention the ill will it’ll cause for the fans who are shut out would be worse for them long term.

Wrestlemania in the WWE PC.


The average American and post forum member is still underestimating the impact

Well, maybe not after the last few days the market has had

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People who think it’s a hoax are the usual suspects.

My “take”: the media sensationalized this before there were facts. Now there is data on it and they have focused all their efforts to politicize this and use it against Trump as if this will hurt his chance at re-election. If anyone thought he’d handle this kinda thing better than he has they need their head examined because this is exactly how he handles just about everything - as bad as possible. But the media rather weaponize this against him than actually do reporting that helps people. There’s 1000s of local officials to talk to and doctors and sceientists to get legitimate news from but they focus on his foot-in-mouth moments.

If they coveted the Flu like they do this, it would scare everyone from ever leaving their home. That’s not to belittle the seriousness of this (or the Flu) and how it impacts elderly and those with auto immune issues. Also the unknown of this is definitely different. But this is not a classic main stream news story and not helping the gwneral public IMO.

Also, WM prob won’t be cancelled because Trump wont them cancel, but it’ll be interesting to see how NCAAs handle it.

Underestimating it how?
The Flu kills like 5000% more people a year and this has a less than .5% fatality rate.

Financially speaking I don’t think anyone underestimates it after the last few weeks. But by August will we even be talking about this?

Underestimating the impact

Like school closings

Events being cancelled

Travel restrictions


So many people have no clue what has been happening in other countries.

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Where you getting that information?

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The mortality is anywhere from 1-3 percent.

I spend about 1-3 hours a day in meetings and calls about COVID. It can overwhelm a system.

80 percent of people with it will be fine. 15 percent will end up in hospital and 5 percent in ICU. Of the 5 percent in ICU about half will die.

The are running out of vents in Italy. It can be a disaster bc percentages don’t change but the number exposed can get astronomically high

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It’s a lose-lose situation, when you think about it.

If Wrestlemania goes as planned, Vince will get bombarded about how WWE doesn’t care about the safety of their employees and only cares about money.

If they cancel the show or move it to a smaller venue (like the WWE PC - which actually wouldn’t be that bad of an idea for TV if it doesn’t get controlled), they’re gonna face backlash from fans feeling left out and/or cheated.

I’d rather see shows taped at the WWE PC for the foreseeable future - even a scaled down Mania (I know, I’m dreaming) than outright cancel everything. I’d like to think that common sense would eventually prevail and that people will do the right thing.