Coronavirus effect on Australian Sport & Wrestling

At 2:00pm on Friday the 13th March 2020 (local time) the Australian Cheif Medical Officer advised the cancellation of all events and public gatherings of over 500 people.

A number of sporting events have been effected…

  • Motor Racing
    F1 Melbourne: Event cancelled.
  • Australian Rules Football
    AFL: Empty stadium matches.
    AFLW: Empty stadium matches.
  • Rugby League
    NRL: Empty stadium matches (from 19/3).
  • Rugby Union
    SUPER RUGBY: Empty stadium matches.
  • Soccer / Association Football
    A-LEAGUE: As normal & monitoring situation.
    W-LEAGUE: As normal & monitoring situation.
  • Cricket
    AUS v NZL: Empty stadium matches.
  • Netball
    SUPER NETBALL: Pre-season event cancelled.

It will weird to see an empty MCG on Thursday considering it normally hosts 80,000 or higher for the round 1 Carlton Vs Richmond match.


Additionally, Wrestling events from some of the biggest companies are under question…

If I hear any think else regarding the local wrestling scene during this time, I’ll post them here.