Counters in storylines

I have watched of lot of wrestling throughout my life but I have never seen counters being part of storylines. I think it would be so interesting.

For example, they could have built Bayley vs Asuka around that. During the last episode of Raw, Bayley went to talk to Sasha for tips. Sasha could have said I know how to counter the Asuka Lock and she teaches Bayley and throughout the weeks we see Bayley training to escape from the lock. That way when the match comes, there is a big anticipation for it. Will Bayley be able to escape ?

We don’t see these Rocky moments where wrestlers are training in order to counter their opponents.

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The whole Okada naito storyline for wk in january was based on okada discovering the counter to the destino and naito learning to counter the counter

That’s brilliant. Unfortunately I watch so much WWE content I rarely have time/patience for other federations.

I remember Benoit vs. A-Train from No Mercy 2003 was all about A-Train knowing the counter to the crossface and sharpshooter. I also remember Bret Hart vs. the Patriot being about that was well as the Patriot knew the counter to the sharpshooter.
In WWE you get that story more in the match whereas in New Japan you get those stories on a bigger scale. In a similar light Omega/Okada was all about Omega not being able to hit the One Winged Angel and when he did it meant you could actually beat Okada.

Isn’t Sasha leaning towards turning on Bayley? Why would she teach her to do something she failed to do?

Back in the glory days of CHIKARA, a lot of the babyfaces used a hold called the Chikara Special to beat Chris Hero, and he could never counter it. But then Shane Storm secretly leaked the the counter of it to Hero through Ultramantis Black, and hero used it to beat Equinox and unmask him.This was the lynchpin for a number of storylines after that, including the heel turns of Shane Storm and Equinox/Vin Gerard, as well as the Eye of Tyr gimmick that led to the formation of the BDK.


I meant I would have preferred to see Sasha teaching Bailey.

Ah, the good ol’days! The whole locker room turning against Equinox/Vin Gerard was so well done. You actually felt sympathy for him and I was on his side in the inital stages of his heel run.

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CHIKARA were brilliant at these continuous stories being told. Coming out of that counter of the Chikara special story it would lead to the introduction of the reverse Chikara special from Carpenter Ant at the Cibernetico when he shouldn’t know that move and that lead to the BDK down the line.

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