Court Bauer feels MLW roster has a focus, other companies rely on 'signing random wrestlers to make big splashes'

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Bauer promotes MLW’s new weekly series on REELZ. 

Beginning February 7th, Major League Wrestling is going to be airing on REELZ at the 10 PM EST slot. A weekly series titled ‘Underground’ is going to launch as a part of the two hour block they’ll have. 

To promote their new distribution deal, MLW CEO Court Bauer was interviewed by The Ringer’s Ian Douglass. Bauer described ‘Underground’ as the fastest, quickest hour in wrestling and said it’ll be all killer and no filler. 

He went on to speak about the MLW talent roster and expressed that they have direction as opposed to other companies who ‘keep running the same plays’ and their identity is to keep signing ‘random’ wrestlers to make an impact for several weeks. 

We are a raw, unvarnished, ultra-realistic product. [Underground] is the fastest, quickest hour in wrestling, and it’s damn good. All of our competitors think having more hours means they’re better. MLW Underground is all killer, no filler, and I think that’s what’s going to make people enjoy it when we come to REELZ with Underground. The other companies are going to keep running the same plays and have their identity be that they’re going to keep signing random wrestlers to make big splashes for one or two weeks, and then they’ll vanish into the witness relocation program. Everyone on the MLW roster has a focus, and we make sure it counts. There’s no politics here, just damn good wrestling.

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