COVID-19 in Asia

Hey guys, I am new in here but have been listening to post wrestling for almost 2 years.
Just a reminder that if you plan to visit Asia recently - better cancel

The situation is no joke and I dont want to spoil your impression to any country in Asia due to this virus.

You know it is serious when NJPW (almost) and Stardom are cancelling shows.

Everyone is wearing masks now and it is best if you only come half a year later, when the situation gets better.

It is also best if you live in downtown of your city that are populated, buy masks and sanitizers now. At least keep the stock for 1 - 2 months.

This virus is legit and we dont know where it will hit next. Be safe and hope everyone will be fine.

I think this is a bit of fear mongering.

We know the virus can spread far more aggressively than other forms of Coronvirus (ie SARS). However it’s far less dangerous and has a case fatality ratio closer to influenza than SARS which killed young healthy people.

The virus requires you to be in contact with someone that has it. It’s in our real life In parts of China. Is there an outbreak in Japan? No. Could there be? No one knows. We have seen no evidence of a Japan outbreak yet.

Wearing a random mask has absolutely no role in this. If you are fit tested to an N95 that’s one thing but no one here really is.

Your odds of catching this walking down the street in Japan are virtually nil at this point. It’s far more likely you will catch influenza and become sick in most parts of the world.

Yet people don’t get that vaccine and wear a mask.

The virus needs monitoring. It’s in outbreak mode in China but we know it’s not as dangerous as other Cov. It’s not yet reached epidemic mode in other countries and may never. Time will tell

Doesn’t Influenza kill more people a year than any of these other major outbreaks we’ve seen in the last 20 years?

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Yup. Influenza is far worse from a total mortality standpoint.

SARS had higher case fatality (ie more people that had it percentage wise died) but more people get influenza.

Coronavirus this time has a case fatality around 2-3 percent my most estimates. Most people that get it think it’s a milder version of influenza

Where do you live Alex? Are you in Asia…your comments indicated you may live there, which I don’t think I ever knew. Feel free to not answer.

I live in Toronto but as part of my job I have seen patients with both SARS and this new Cov and i am a regional lead intimately involved with the global response to this. So, I can assure you we are not in outbreak mode in Japan or not even close. There is virtually no risk on the streets of Japan.

Currently we advise to not travel to China. If outbreaks develop elsewhere this may change to include other countries. For now your odds of getting influenza in most countries (Japan, Canada, USA, England etc) far outweighs any risk or getting Cov in usual life

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Do you find any correlation between Olympics going to regions of the world and brining in viruses. I know Japan isn’t China. But Zika in Brazil and now Coronvirus in Asia. Just feels like a trend.

It’s interesting observation. I think if an outbreak occurs after the Olympics you might attribute it a little to a mass migration of people and that leading to one or two infected people infecting a larger contingent leading to outbreak easier than it normally would had they just stayed home.

In cases where it precedes the Olympics (like this) I’m not sure we have evidence other than to say it’s an interesting observation.

It is not about the fatality of the virus but is about how easily it can spread. That’s why China, Hong Kong, Singapore and even now Japan react so seriously.

I am just recommending not going to Asia at the moment as they are asking to quarantine for 14 days if you have fever or any symptom at all.

It is not fun to stay in a place and get examined 3 times a day for 14 days and you can’t do anything.

Yes it can spread as I said and it spreads faster that most. However there has been no cases of massive spread in Japan. It’s an overcall and likely being done to prevent mass hysteria. That being said if you want to avoid travel to avoid the chaos that’s one thing. Travelling to Japan right now poses no significant threat of Coronvirus

the correlation would be to the infrastructure build and environmental disruption in prep which creates abnormal conditions for things to develop. I am not a scientist, and I know Japan is not China (it’s just a lame American way of grouping all Asia together) so the idea that what is going on in Japan impacted China and the development of the virus is just stupid conspiracy talk.


Yes, the environment is a key factor, that’s why China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore are now in turmoil because those places are so populated. The way of life of people there is always connected easily. The fact that tourism is a key industry there also help the spread of the virus.

I myself and my family, among many people, had to stay at home for more than 20 days from late January. Our work is suspended (all home office mode) and even casinos have to be shut down. Billions of dollars gone everyday.

All in all, the situation is now more in control.


Thank you for sharing your experience

How terrible the situation has become. I hope everybody well and stay positive.