Cringy WWE Moments

Inspired by tonight’s Lashley segment: I’m curious to hear about more disastrous segments/moments. SO bad that it makes you re-consider watching wrestling completely.

That was a bad segment. Just off the top of my head this is your life bayley segment was horrible. Katie Vick was another.

I won’t elaborate, but when Vince was wearing the doo rag and Booker said, “tell me, he did not just say that.” You know the time…

The Club as ball doctors. Claire Lynch takes the cake for me though.

bobby roode and dolph ziggler promo where they forgot their lines.

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The Jerry Springer sketch where Kelly Kelly broke character and kept laughing

Donald Trump vs Rosie O’Donnell. That was putrid

2008 - 2011 PG Era was nothing but cringe.

Case and point: The Muppets On Raw, Guest Hosts like ZZ Top and Jeremy Piven, the 2009 Smackdown Intro music, etc

Bayley This Is Your Life is up there for me. Just some of the most atrocious acting I’ve ever seen by everyone involved.

Pretty much anything involving Dean Ambrose that hasn’t involved the Shield or him feuding/partnering with his former Shield buddies. It’s all very “whacky fun times” and so awful.

The Dr. Heiny sketch. It was a joke at one man that only one man wanted to make.

Diss The Diva 2004. Trashy and unentertaining.

“Old Day” and the New Day time machine skit were also horrible.

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The Miz vs Kofi Kingston feud nobody knew who was a face or a heal?

Bite your tongue sir…Muppets was great.

And no one mentioning Brian Pillman wife being interviewed a day after he was found dead and it being used for a ratings ploy.

Unfunny skits and segments that missed the mark has nothing on something as sleazy as that.

Big Show dancing as the new years baby

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No idea how this gets forgotten when these topics come up, but Kathie Lee and hoda( I think are their names) smashing wine bottles over their bums for Susan g komen while Adam rose danced is the worst thing I’ve seen in recent years.

Lavar ball.

Everything Dana warrior ever does.

Tamina forgetting her line and just repeating what Charlotte said.

Every time Michael Cole nearly loses his voice to shout, ITS THE BIG DOG, (I don’t know why with this one, I don’t even dislike reigns, I just find Cole saying this every time really cringey.)

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The Iconics. They are unbearable and super cringey.

Holy crap, yes, how didn’t no one mention the interview with Brian Pillman’s widow 24 hours after his death? Probably one of the most uncomfortable segments I’ve ever watched in wrestling.

Orton’s promo of Eddie being in hell, after Eddie passed away, was a WTF? On a related note. I’m not sure if it’s considered cringe. But in hindsight, Chris Benoit’s eulogy on Raw, for Eddie, is pretty hard to watch.