Crockett Cup 2019: Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll for the NWA title

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Welcome to our coverage of the NWA’s Crockett Cup event from the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina with Ian Riccaboni, Joe Galli, and Jim Cornette on commentary.

On Saturday afternoon, they announced that the winners of the Crockett Cup tag tournament will be crowned the new NWA tag champions, which have been vacant since September 2017.

They have done a great job with the set design to replicate the old NWA canvas along with the old ROH logo on the side of the ring. As David Lagana said on the Café Hangout, the goal was to take people back to 1986. They also had the brackets of the tournament displayed on the screen for the entire show, which was a nice touch.

*Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs win the Wild Card Battle Royal at 6:38
*Bandido & Flip Gordon over Stuka Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr. in 12:33 in the opening round
*Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs over Crimson & Jax Dane in 7:58 in the opening round
*The Briscoes over The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express in 6:53 in the opening round
*PCO & Brody King over Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima in 11:51 in the opening round
*Allysin Kay over Santana Garrett in 8:51 to become the NWA women’s champion
*Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs over Flip Gordon & Bandido in 7:16 in the semi-finals
*PCO & Brody King over The Briscoes by disqualification at 9:49 in the semi-finals
*Colt Cabana over Willie Mack in 8:46 to win the NWA National title
*PCO & Brody King over Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs in 6:39 to win the tournament and become the NWA tag champions
*Nick Aldis over Marty Scurll in 23:41 to retain the NWA heavyweight title


The teams in the battle royal were listed at the start: The Boys, Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus, Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer (formerly Bram), Jay Bradley & Jocephus (with a new look), Zane & Dave Dawson, Kevin Blue & Billy Buck

Titus posed and was immediately eliminated by The Boys, who clotheslined him to the floor. They explained both team members must be eliminated to be out.

Zane Dawson accidentally knocked Dave Dawson off the apron and then both were eliminated.

The final three teams were Latimer & Isaacs, The Boys, and Bradley & Jocephus.

The Boys ducked and pulled down the ropes as Bradley and Jocephus fell to the floor. Latimer & Isaacs came from behind and eliminated The Boys to win and clinch the final spot in the tournament. Latimer & Isaacs will face Crimson and Jax Dane in the opening round.

WINNERS: Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs at 6:38

It was a very quick battle royal to establish the final team. It wasn’t anything special but wasn’t anything you needed to dedicate more time to.

Caprice Coleman will be the ringside correspondent throughout the show conducting interviews.

They aired an interview with Flip Gordon, and he explained this is the same arena where he injured his knee earlier this year against Tracy Williams.


Gordon missed Maya Jr. and superkicked Bandido. Maya Jr. proceeded to hit a series of quebradoras to each opponent twice. Stuka Jr. entered, and they double-teamed Bandido with a double-team surfboard, which Gordon snuck in to try and cover both together.

Stuka Jr. climbed to the top and hit a torpedo plancha to the floor onto Bandido with Maya Jr. following with a dive through the ropes.

Bandido hit a tope con giro and Gordon followed with a moonsault off the turnbuckle to the floor. Cornette has lost track of who the legal man is. Riccaboni assumes Todd Sinclair made a game-time decision to let this be contested under Lucha Libre rules.

Gordon hit a springboard spear onto Maya Jr. for a two-count. Bandido saved his partner after Maya Jr. hit the Maya Sacrifice on Gordon.

Bandido caught Stuka Jr., sent him onto the shoulders of Gordon, who hit a spinning cutter and pinned Stuka Jr.

WINNERS: Bandido and Flip Gordon at 12:33

There was a lot of spectacular offense throughout the match and the audience was receptive. It was a strong opener.


Dane and Crimson are the large babyfaces and were in control under Latimer and Isaacs double-teamed behind referee Paul Turner’s back with Crimson. Isaacs hit the Money Clip (a deadlift vertical suplex). They built to the tag to Dane, who was tagged in with Isaacs.

Dane lifted Isaacs and Latimer onto his shoulders and dropped them. Latimer yanked Crimson around the post and wrapped his leg around it. Isaacs caught Crimson after the post spot and pinned him using the rope for leverage.

WINNERS: Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer in 7:58

Dane and Crimson had a bit of fire, but the match didn’t get anywhere near the reaction of the last one.

The Briscoes cut an awesome promo, it’s Jay’s mission to put the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express out to pasture. This was great.


Morton executed a huracanrana to Mark Briscoe and the place was cheering immediately. Morton hit a suicide dive onto both. During all this, Morton came up bleeding from the forehead as the Briscoes took over the match.

Cornette went over the business records of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and Midnight Express, which he knows better than anyone.

Morton finally made the tag and the referee missed it, and the audience was furious. The tag was made, and Gibson fired up with punches. They hit the Rocket Launcher onto Mark and he was saved by Jay.

Gibson got tossed to the floor and Morton was hit with Froggy Bow as Mark pinned him.

WINNERS: The Briscoes at 6:53

The audience was into the match despite the obvious limitations, but you still had a fun match mixed with nostalgia and Morton doing a lot. The crowd chanted for them after the match and was clear this was a big selling feature to the show.


Nagata applied the inverted figure-four/Nagata Lock 1 onto King early in the match. PCO and Kojima were tagged in and took turns dropping each other. PCO hit Kojima with a suicide dive on the floor. King lit up Kojima with chops, who responded with a DDT. Nagata came in and attacked King with kicks and an exploder suplex.

Nagata applied the Fujiwara armbar onto King until PCO broke the submission. Nagata was hit with a double chokeslam and kicked out at two. Nagata got out of the way PCO hit King and allowed Kojima to receive the tag. Kojima hit the rapid-fire chops onto PCO in the corner. Kojima hit the Koji Cutter.

Kojima called for the Cozy Lariat but was cut off by King’s lariat, who hit a Cradle Shock and pinned Kojima.

WINNERS: PCO and Brody King in 11:51

This was the best match of the opening round. It’s down to three ROH teams and the team of Latimer and Isaacs in the semi-finals.


Garrett replaced Jazz earlier this week, who was unable to wrestle on the show and vacated the title after holding it since 2016.

They traded forearms and both went down after they landed big boots simultaneously. Cornette discussed the history of Mildred Burke.

They were working hard but the audience was quiet. Garrett hit Soul Food/Eat Defeat and then rolled and applied the Muta Lock onto Kay, but Kay broke out of it.

Garrett missed with the Shining Star Press and was speared by Kay, who won the match.

WINNER: Allysin Kay at 8:51 to become the NWA women’s champion

Kay snatched the title away from Madusa and posed with it.

The crowd was not into the match but seemed more engaged in the post-match as Kay refused to shake Garrett’s hand.

Riccaboni said he would like to see both women compete with Women of Honor.

Caprice Coleman interviewed Dennis Condrey, Stan Lane, and Bobby Eaton ringside. Coleman begged Eaton to say something, he said he loves his partners. Lane cut a babyface promo saying the fans here are “the best in the world”. Coleman said that Condrey has beaten cancer and he thanked his six daughters while using a voice box. This was such a nice moment on the show.


Bandido did a headstand on the canvas and the hit Isaacs with a dead-lift vertical suplex. They superkicked Latimer and Isaacs to the floor and flossed.

Madusa whispered to Latimer & Isaacs and then walked backstage.

Gordon hit a 450 splash onto Isaacs but injured his knee upon landing and Isaacs kicked out. Latimer & Isaacs took over, attacking Gordon’s right knee and working it over. Gordon fought to the corner and Bandido was yanked off the apron by Isaacs, allowing Latimer to roll up Gordon grabbing the tights for the cover.

WINNERS: Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs at 7:16

The match didn’t showcase the high flying of Gordon or Bandido and focused on Gordon’s selling of the knee. The audience seemed shocked Latimer & Isaacs won.

Ian Riccaboni quoted Meek Mill and Cornette responded that he was going to start quoting The Eagles.


The Briscoes went to the floor early and grabbed a chair before getting the advantage of PCO. Riccaboni said that The Briscoes used to compete on “outlaw mud shows”, which is a Cornette-ism.

PCO missed off the top and landed back first onto the edge of the apron.

Mark came off the apron with a Cactus Jack elbow onto King. Cornette says Foley has “been topped”.

The Briscoes removed the padding on the floor and King fought back and body slammed Mark onto the concrete. PCO was run into the post as they targeted his shoulder.

Everyone grabbed chairs and re-entered the ring. They attacked with the chairs and Paul Turned called for the bell. The audience was pissed.

WINNERS: PCO & Brody King by DQ at 9:49

The Briscoes attacked Paul Turner and they brawled with PCO and King.

The finish was weak for a semi-final match. That said, the post-match brawl woke up the crowd and they were as into this portion as much as anything on the show. They placed a chair around PCO’s arm and hit it coming off the turnbuckle to send PCO into the finals with an injury. Jay Briscoe cut a promo on the NWA.

The commentators threw to a video for the next match, but it never aired, and they went right to the entrances.


Mack dove into the corner, missed Cabana with a dropkick, flew to the floor and landed badly. Mack returned to the ring and caught Cabana with double knees and then a cannonball into the corner.

Cabana hit a spinning elbow and hit the Dusty elbows. Cornette noted that Cabana is impressing him with less “shenanigans and tom-foolery”.

Mack connected with a spinning wheel kick and missed with a frog splash off the top. Cabana missed with a top rope moonsault, then got he feet up in the corner and hit the Superman Press and pinned Mack.

WINNER: Colt Cabana at 8:46 to win the NWA national title

Riccaboni explained how Cabana found success with the Superman Press in the New Japan Cup. It turned into a good match and the audience seemed surprised at the title change and was a pro-Mack crowd.

James Storm walked down to the ring and cut a promo doing his old catchphrases. He congratulated Cabana and then cut a promo on NWA management. He said they wanted someone that wears suits and not someone like him. He said he has found a way to shut up management and that’s by winning the National title and wants to face Cabana for the title. He did not explain why NWA management would allow him to fight for that title and not the NWA title.

Ahead of the Crockett Cup finals, they brought on Jackie and Frances Crockett to join Billy Corgan and Joe Koff ringside with the trophy.

Nikita Koloff was introduced and interviewed by Caprice Coleman. He did the Russian accent before dropping it and thanking the Crockett family, Coleman interrupted and asked what happened to his accent and Koloff explained his English has improved.

Koloff introduced Magnum T.A. as Cornette went over the night of his car wreck. Magnum talked about going to the final of the Crockett Cup with Ron Garvin and losing to the Road Warriors in 1986. He outlined his car accident from 1986 and returning for the first time in front of a live crowd at the Crockett Cup in 1987.

Cornette noted that Magnum’s accident changed the course of history and he would have become the NWA champion.

The usage of the legends has been a strong point of the evening.


Madusa came out with Latimer and Isaacs.

Latimer and Isaacs got control of King and sent him into the guardrail. King fought back and suplexed Latimer into the corner as the crowd chanted for PCO and King made the tag. PCO was heavily selling the arm injury from the last match.

PCO yelled, “fix my arm” and King snapped his arm back into position. King hit a Cradle Shock to Isaacs and spinning side slam to Latimer. PCO hit a top rope moonsault and pinned Latimer.

WINNERS: PCO & Brody King at 6:39 to win the Crockett Cup and become the NWA tag champions

The match had a simple formula built around King’s selling, the PCO spot with his arm and the big comeback by Villain Enterprises. To that end, the audience got into this and popped big for the ending.

Koloff and Magnum T.A. presented the Crockett Cup to them.


Tommy Young gave the pre-match instructions and Brian Hebner was the official. Tommy Young was so awesome with his speech to Aldis and Scurll.

Riccaboni and Cornette got into a BJJ vs. Catch Wrestling debate with references to Royce Gracie and Billy Robinson.

Scurll tripped on his own and pointed to Camille, Hebner fell for it and ejected her.

Aldis hit Scurll with a fallaway slam off the second turnbuckle. Aldis took Scurll to the floor and he choke slammed him through a table. This got a lot of heat from the audience. It was all Aldis until Scurll caught him with a tornado DDT. Scurll fired up with forearms, chops, and stomps in the corner as the audience cheered on Scurll.

In the exchange, Aldis was cut open and there was a lot of blood. It appears he was cut over the right eye. Scurll applied a figure-four in the ring and Aldis made his way to the rope. Aldis caught him off the ropes and hit a piledriver and a top rope elbow drop for a near fall.

Aldis attempted the Kingsland Cloverleaf but Scurll grabbed the fingers and snapped them.

Scurll hit Cross Rhodes for a near fall, then missed Aldis and took out referee Brian Hebner.

Camille returned and went to attack Scurll and was stopped and sent away by Aldis, who wanted to do it on his own. Scurll kicked him low and got a near fall.

He applied the chicken wing and Aldis reversed out.

Aldis applied the Kingsland Cloverleaf but cannot fully apply it because of his fingers being injured earlier. He sits down on the cloverleaf and Scurll tapped.

WINNER: Nick Aldis at 23:41 to retain the NWA title

They worked a great main event style match and the audience was hot down the stretch, believing Scurll would win. The commentary was excellent with attention to every detail the two put forward in the match. It was a strong finish to the show.

Aldis and Scurll hugged after the match.

Scurll said he started his journey 15 years ago and Aldis took him under his wing, provided guidance and helped make him the man he is today. He thought he would be a double champion this month but the better man won.

Aldis called Scurll the most talented “self-made” wrestler and said the NWA isn’t going anywhere.

I was in the second row for this one, and it was generally a really good show. A few notes:

  • The crowd was cool on Dane & Crimson. The spot that was supposed to be a hot tag in their match fell flat.

  • Latimer & Isaacs got a good heel response, but the crowd got annoyed when it seemed like they might actually win it.

  • Madusa gave an uncomfortably incoherent introduction to the womens match. I think that contributed to the crowd reaction being flat.

  • The amount of blood in the main event was really shocking up close. But I think it made Aldis come across as much more legit to strongly pro-Scurll audience.

The main event has everything I was looking for it to have as the NWA Championship match. I really enjoyed what felt like classic character work: the spot where Marty tricked the ref, the use of the low blow after the hero does the right thing. Even breaking up the count like Aldis did at one point. It was a throw back for sure and mixed with modern wrestling it came off awesome.

I thought the blood made the size difference much more believable. And added to some of the near finishes where you thought Marty could get a submission because of the blood. Classic use of blood, not just for the sake of it. Also using the Crossroads was a great call back to the last time a lot of viewers like myself remember watching the NWA.

Nothing here was a match of the year contender, but everything seemed logical and coherent and none of the matches overstayed their welcome. I went into this show more interested in how the new NWA is representing itself than any of the individual matches, and I thought they acquitted themselves quite well, and very much in keeping with the philosophies Lagana was expressing on the Cafe Hangout. Madusa aside, all of the old-timers added to the air of legitimacy and nostalgia the show was clearly aiming for.

So even Billy Corgan is relying on nostalgia these days.

Bunch of 50 years oldsbeing booked and one being pushed.

Shows the actual state of professional wrestling.

As someone who grew up on Jim Crockett Promotions, seeing the classic NWA canvas, graphics, and legends from my childhood was something I absolutely adored. I felt the tournament told some great stories, with a heelish Cinderella tag team making it to the finals from a wildcard battle royal, the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Express returning to try and and win a trophy they were never able to capture in their youth, and the Briscoes getting pissed off and trying to take out Villain Enterprises after being disqualified.

For the legends in attendance, I was surprised at how articulate Nikita Koloff was. Yes, of course I am aware that he was never actually Russian, but I had never heard him speak outside of his mostly incoherent promos using that thick accent. It warms my heart to see how healthy and happy he seemed.

The main event was, as Marty said, a pretty fucking awesome match, and something I will probably watch again soon. One of the few negatives on this show was unfortunately Madusa, who seemed to forget what she was supposed to say and really struggled with the introduction of the Women’s title match. It was also confusing as to why she escorted Isaacs and Latimer to the ring in the finals as if she was managing them, and then she just disappeared. Also, there seemed to be some confusion with Caprice Coleman interviewing winners, but each time they threw at him to do so, he just updated us on the status of the brackets. Did no one tell the talents they were supposed to be interviewed?

Overall, I really enjoyed this show, and largely from a nostalgic feel it will make my shortlist of shows of the year. 8/10.