Crown Jewel thoughts and predictions

Despite what you may think of blood money biannual, the card fir CJ looks pretty good.


I think Roman wins and so does Big E. Becky retains and exchanges titles with Charlotte. Goldberg probably wins and so does Rollins. The KOTR is liekly Balor. QOTR is harder but I’m leaning towards Doudrop

Of course Mansoor will win and have a huge hometown reaction. Was great last time he won so always nice to see.

I think Roman loses to Brock.
Agreed about Becky/Charlotte.
Goldberg wins.
Rollin wins.
Xavier gets his crown.
Zelina gets her crown.
Mansoor will lose because of the hometown rule. Gotta get that heat up for 2022’s return.

Remember when we did those prediction contests.

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I don’t see Roman dropping the title and I don’t see Brock losing to Roman. So I anticipate a bullshit finish likely involving Heyman in some way.
He causes one of them to get disqualified. Title doesn’t change hands and loyalty storyline continues

And I think Finn wins just because. But maybe he links it to his Prince character rather than specifically being King of the Ring

Return of Prince Devitt would be amazing