Cruiserweight Championshp (Poll)

Who do you think wins the CW Championship at WM 34?

Knowing the WWE, I think Mustafa Ali wins as they will then promote him on their big show as a Muslim champion in Saudi Arabia. I fully expect him to lose the title in the Middle East however, as Vince probably thinks this is his home country (it is not, that would be Pakistan). CORRECTION: Ali is billed as being the first wrestler of Pakistani descent as his parents are from a region there. He is American.

I hate that WWE thinks this way, but they do so that is my pick. Curious to hear all of yours:

  • Mustafa Ali
  • Cedric Alexander

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I don’t disagree with your thinking – even though Mustafa Ali is an American from Chicago – but I went with Cedric. I think he was going to be the guy to take it off of Enzo at Mania anyway.

Considering the fact that Mustafa Ali is billed and has done promos about growing up in Chicago…there’s alot of assumptions being made here.

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@Deezy I was going off his wikipedia page: Adeel Alam (born March 28, 1986) is an American professional wrestler of Pakistani descent. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand in the cruiserweight division under the ring name Mustafa Ali. He is the first WWE wrestler of Pakistani descent.
Ali is Muslim and revealed that he is of Pakistani descent. He is the first person of Pakistani descent to join WWE, although his parents are from Karachi, Pakistan.

I do apologize saying his home country was that and will make an edit on the opening post.

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While i would love to see Mustafa Ali win the title, i have to go with logic on this one and pick Cedric Alexander for a couple of reason. First, They invested to much time in telling his story of Cedric wanting the title just to make him lose again. They started this whole thing in January when Enzo was still the champion so it would be a waste to not give him the belt a mania just because they want to do a reboot, that’s clearly not working right now.

Secondly, He’s one of HHH pet project. So unless Vince just decides to oversee the division once again, i don’t see Cedric losing just for the sake of a swerve.

So i might be wrong, but the smart money would be on Cedric to win the title at mania.

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Personally I think that either man is suitable, which I think hasn’t happened in some time that I’ve felt like that about a match so fair play to them both!


I’m happy either way but I feel like the story dictates it should be Alexander. He’s come so close, so many times, and he’s always (to my memory) been screwed out of it. To win here, against his “best-friend” and for them to tease tension after the pin only to embrace and raise each other’s hands; that feels like a fitting start to the new 205 Live.

I went with Alexander but happy either way, I really hope they’re given time and a decent spot on the card when the crowd is hot. Main eventing the pre-show is probably best. I think this match is make or break for the cruiserweights.

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I’d place 1.5% chance of this happening but why would they not make it the show opener when the crowd is super hot regardless and out on a true CWC type classic and make the division feel important and the winner feel like a star worthy of a Mania moment? Look how the Women’s division is treated because they treated it equal in terms of matches and placement on card (Headlined Rumble and Hell in a Cell)

i’m with you on this but the problem is that when you look at the card from a business standpoint, Cedric vs Mustafa ali is the weakest match on the card because you don’t have any star power in that match.

The cruiserweight have been treated like lower card attraction since the reboot of the division and it’s still the case today since they don’t stop using them on Main event which is considered like the lower card show or the show that means nothing. So if they put them on the main card instead of the pre show, they probably would ended up in a buffer match position between to big money matches on the card because that’s how unimportant they are.

Personally i would rather see them open the second hour of the preshow and have them get they’re mania moment on the kickoff since the second hour is aired on USA, then having them be use as a piss break match on the main card. At less on the Kickoff, they will have time to showcase what they can do and if they put them in the opening slot of the second hour, they will get a super hot crowd anyway since by 6 pm the majority of the crowd is in the stadium.