Cuervo recovering from operation following horrific attack

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A horrifying incident at a wrestling event in Mexico this past week led to a wrestler requiring surgery to remove a blood clot from the brain.

During a match between Angelo o Demonio and Cuervo in Mexico City on Monday night, Demonio grabbed a cinder block from inside the ring and launched to the floor and onto the back of Cuervo’s head, knocking the wrestler down instantly and was unconscious.

Cuervo underwent the operation to have the blood removed on Tuesday. Cuervo’s managed relayed the news that the operation was a success and he is recovering after the removal of the blood clot.

Lucha Blog is reporting that he suffered a skull fracture and an epidural hematoma and will be hospitalized for at least one more week and remains in intensive care.

The commission is Mexico has suspended Angel o Demonio indefinitely and are looking into the incident.

A group of wrestlers & promoters have put together a benefit show to help out Cuervo with his medical costs and inability to make a living while recovering. The benefit show is Thursday night in Naucalpan with tickets priced at 100 pesos.

Rob Bihari (@RobViper) is also raising money over PayPal for anyone outside of Mexico that would that would like to purchase a ticket in support of Cuervo that cannot make it to the event.

Completely unacceptable and unnecessary. This is one of the reasons why blood & guts wrestling post-ECW gets such a terrible rep.

Just awful. You’d hope that a universal blackball (if not attempted murder charges) is a given, but I don’t hold out much hope.

I wish I never saw the video. Seemed like the guy got pissed and just threw a cinder block not knowing how bad it could be. Must’ve taken too many chair shots to the head in his lifetime. Disgusting all round. Hope the guy makes a full recovery.

Why was there a cinder block there in the first place? You need to ban shitty workers…but you also have to not bring in stupid objects that can severely hurt someone too.

Whoever brought in the props needs to have some measure of discipline as well.

That piece of shit should never be allowed to wrestle again. That was very horrific to watch.