D-Von Dudley dealing with bulging discs in his middle and lower back

Originally published at D-Von Dudley dealing with bulging discs in his middle and lower back

D-Von Dudley provides an update on how he’s doing physically.

Prior to D-Von Dudley and his co-hosts welcoming Dominik Mysterio onto episode 96 of their Table Talk podcast, D-Von shared that he has multiple bulging discs in his middle and lower back.

D-Von added that his spine shifted and is touching nerves. He is hoping to get his surgery going so can can get back to functioning normally.

Well, you know, I found out that I got the two bulging discs in my lower back and then I got the two in the middle of my back but it’s okay. We’re gonna — and the spine shifted a little bit so what’s happening is the disc is touching the nerves. This is what I explained last week and what they have to do is they have to go in and kind of move it. The spine kind of shifted back a little bit and then get the bulging disc away from the nerves and when they do that, they said I’ll feel like a new man again so I can’t wait for that. This pain is killing me. I’m on Prednisone, which is a steroid to relieve the inflammation on the nerve so that’s why I’ve changed locations. I went from where my video games were into my grandmother’s chair so, I’m sitting here just trying to ease up the pain on my lower back and hopefully we can get this surgery going so I can go back to normal functions again.

On this past Monday’s episode of Raw, Dominik Mysterio was defeated by Bobby Lashley. As a result, Dominik was removed from Raw’s men’s Survivor Series team and Lashley took his place.

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