D-Von Dudley provides update on how he's feeling one month post-surgery, looking forward to being back with WWE

Originally published at D-Von Dudley provides update on how he's feeling one month post-surgery

D-Von speaks about how he’s feeling one month post-spinal surgery.

In February, D-Von Dudley announced that he successfully underwent back surgery. D-Von’s spine had to be shifted during the procedure. He shared that the doctors discovered that the damage to his spine was worse than they initially thought.

Since the surgery, D-Von has been away from his Table Talk podcast but he returned for episode #111. He stated that two hours after the surgery, he began walking again.

I’m not in my normal place, upstairs in my studio because I can’t go up the steps yet. I’m not allowed to until I see the doctor again. The first visit after the two-week… two weeks after the surgery went very well, healing up very nice and and the incision on my back is closed up, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Yeah, that’s really good news and because now, you take a shower and stuff, you can’t get it wet. You gotta be careful. You can’t do this, you can’t do that but now, I’m happy that it’s closed up and I feel great but the pain from the surgery is what I’m feeling now. I’m not feeling the pain that I used to feel, thank God. I gotta give a shout out to Dr. Phillips Hospital and , fantastic job. Two hours after surgery, I got up, I started walking. They want you to walk but I don’t think they anticipated me wanting to walk so fast. I mean literally, I woke up and I said, ‘Okay, it’s time to walk’ and they were like, ‘Are you sure?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m sure, I’m positive, let’s do this’ and I was known in the hospital as the walker because every 30 minutes, I would ask the nurse, ‘Hey, can I take a walk?’ Because I knew, I was told if you walk, you recuperate faster and I guess I’m living proof of that because I’m sitting here back on the show again.

He recapped the details of the surgery and discussed the nerve damage that the surgeons fixed as well. D-Von was producing for WWE and said he’s excited about returning to his position. He is scheduled to start rehab in one month’s time.

It was scary because I was only supposed to go in there and get L4 and L5 done. When they cut me open and they looked, they saw L6 was bad too. But then they also saw the nerve damage that was going on because the nerves had been pinched for so long that it was causing the nerve damage. So they went in there, had to fix that as well. The surgery was supposed to be three hours. They wind up taking seven-to-eight hours and I guess my wife was waiting outside the waiting room and stuff like that and they sent somebody out to say, ‘Listen, I know we were supposed to be done, but it’s a lot more damage than we thought.’ So I’m just happy to be back in terms of I’m in the recovery stage. I can’t fly yet. I gotta walk with a walker or a cane right now because everything’s still fragile until I go to rehab which is in about another month.

But I’m happy to be back on the show and I’m looking forward to being back with WWE as a producer too because I do miss it. You know, and I wanna thank everybody, not only from Table Talk but I wanna thank all the fans around the world for your generous ‘get well’ wishes, ‘best wishes’ and all of that. I mean they were inboxing me and putting it all over my social media. You know, ‘get well’, ‘speedy recovery’ and ‘God speed’. Definitely was God speed because even for me to be able after a month, because the surgery was February 15th, so after a month of trying to get myself to where I’m sitting up like this was hard. But you know, it’s a miracle, God is good. God is great.

D-Von previously shared that he was behind the 24/7 Title segments on WWE TV when Reggie was champion and was given full creative control when it came to producing those segments.

The WWE Hall of Famer runs his own wrestling school and recently, D-Von Dudley Academy graduate Bianca Carelli was announced as a part of WWE’s most recent Performance Center class.

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