Damian Priest wins men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Originally published at Damian Priest wins men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Damian Priest has emerged victorious in the 2023 men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

The 40-year-old Judgment Day member beat out fan favorite LA Knight, as well as Logan Paul, Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Santos Escobar, Butch and Damian Priest.

The match opened the PLE at the O2 Arena in London, England. Priest can now cash in a contract for a title match of his choosing at any time during the next year.

A first-time briefcase holder was guaranteed as no one in the match had previously won a MITB ladder match.

The match began with the other six contenders attacking Logan Paul as soon as the bell rang. He was the clear heel in the match, drawing loud boos every time he got the upper hand.

On the other hand, LA Knight drew raucous cheers every time he got involved.

Butch got a local hero moment when he grabbed a cricket bat from beneath the ring to attack his opponents.

Damian Priest appeared to form an alliance with Logan Paul, before tossing Paul into the steps.

An intensely physical match saw tables, the ring steps and multiple ladders come into play. In a memorable spot, Paul hit a frog splash onto Priest, who was laid on a ladder propped between the ring and the ring steps. Paul basically bounced off Priest, with no give whatsoever.

Ricochet hit more than his fair share of spectacular moves, including a 450 springboard splash off the ropes onto Nakamura and Escobar.

Later, Ricochet sent himself and Paul through two ringside tables with an incredible Spanish Fly from the top rope, effectively taking both out of the match.

LA Knight had his hands on the briefcase after clearing the ring, but Damian Priest threw him off the ladder and grabbed the prize.

A fun exhibition match, but the men’s MITB concept is dead right now. For this year, they had to put it on one of the few guys who could conceivably beat Roman or have Solo win it as “defense“ and do something interesting with that.

Priest isn’t (and shouldn’t be) cashing in on Roman, which makes him an idiot because he’s going to cash in for a secondary title instead… even though 30% of Reigns’ matches are spent with him and his opponent both laid out. Though I do like Priest, and he’ll have good matches with Rollins and/or Balor, whatever way the thing is headed.

I see what you are saying based on real life logic, but in the kayfabe world where the titles are equal, I don’t think he looks like an idiot for cashing in on Rollins. The construct created by WWE is that each brand has a world title, and the World Champion of Raw makes sense for him to go after.

Now of course we can argue that the titles arent equal at all which I agree with, but in the world of kayfabe they are.

Priest does seem great and I could see him as a champion but why has he lost so much recently if this was the plan. Makes you feel like there isn’t much of a plan and they’re just making it up as they go along. Hasn’t he recently lost to Rollins and Rhodes so does he really deserve a spot at the top? It just makes you feel that if he did win a title, he’ll lose it in months if not weeks.

He should have also cashed on Roman. How do you explain that he didn’t? Something should have happened to Balor or Dominik so he’d left with them. Doesn’t really make sense.
Looked like a good event though and a hot crowd. Can’t wait for Wembley

You think he should have cashed in on Roman this past weekend? Why? Either he looses the same night he won it, or he wins the title and ends Roman’s run in a story over Sami, Cody and Jey. That makes no sense.

Priest has been booked quite strong over the past few months. He has had a couple losses, but he looked great in them. Winning and loosing isn’t everything, it’s how you win and how you loose. Did you not enjoy the Cody or bad bunny matches?

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In the moment, it felt like the MITB plans were, in order:

  1. Tease an LA Knight win
  2. Setup Logan Paul vs. Ricochet
  3. Don’t cripple Logan Paul (almost missed this one)
  4. Pick a winner from the remaining guys

During the match I was 100% going for a LA Knight win, but the more I think about it the more I have reservations with him winning. He reminds me of peak Bray Wyatt, and what I mean by that is his character is awesome as he can talk and he has a natural charisma, but once the bell rings more often then not I’m bored. I’m not sure if he could pull off main event level matches. I know he was a top guy in TNA, but I don’t watch that, so maybe someone who saw his best matches can let me know if I’m wrong.

That’s the point of money in the bank. The heavyweight champion has just been pinned and is out cold…he should have run out smashed him With the case and got the pin.
I just think they should have given a reason why he didn’t or it looks like he’s scared. I like DP I just think there was a few holes in the booking last night

So your argument is when someone win money in the bank, the first time the champ gets pinned he must cash in?

From a kayfabe perspective, Roman was not knocked out and Solo was at ring side. Did you even watch? I haven’t heard anybody make that criticism.



I believe the MITB will be part of Judgement Day overhaul with Priest being out on his own.

I think Corbin (in trunks, more serious) should be added as the muscle of Judgement Day.
Mcdonagh can be the “hit man” of Judgement Day.

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See that makes sense. Also, hidden in a stable probably is the best use for a guy like Corbin. His old look does fit with the tone of the group. My only worry is having Corbin and Dom could make the stable come off too comedic.

On one hand, Corbin was a low-key MVP candidate for the company for 3-4 years (not that those were not great years for WWE, creatively).

But if anybody is beyond “character rehab”, it’s Constable Happy. I’d have to see it to believe it.

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The only person worse off may be Dolph lol

Now THAT is an opinion for the 75% would disagree topic.


Haha, I’m not saying it’s a good thing! But yeah, from 2017-2020 (approximately), Corbin was in a significant role on TV every week and had over 500 matches, making the rounds with just about every key babyface. Very few if any other guys were as consistent a presence on TV and PPV.

I just thought they should have had a reason he didn’t come out.
Yeah…the biggest champion in company history (some may argue) has just been pinned for the first time in years. You should at least come out and see if you have a chance. He doesn’t have to run down like a chump and get spiked by solo but I think you should tease it in storyline at least

Let me ask you again, did you actually watch the match? I can’t see anyone who actually watched thinking this. It would have felt completely distracting from what was going on with the bloodline story.

I also don’t think that every time Roman goes down for a second they need to have Priest explain why he didn’t come out. If Roman was alone and knocked out, sure, but that’s not what this was.

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Yeah, maybe I should have said it on the 75% wouldn’t agree with thread.

My main point was that Priest has recently lost to Cody, Seth, Riddle, Gunther. Just looking at Cagematch his last singles win was in April against Ziggler. If this was the plan they should have booked him stronger in recent weeks, give him some wins as he should have got after his great match with Bad Bunny and then I’d be excited for the cash in.

I don’t watch week to week so maybe he’s been booked well in the loses he’s had but I watch the big events when it’s got something I wanna see

I shouldn’t have said that he should have cashed in on Roman, I just read that back and I shouldn’t have said that.

I think having him out near the entrance though holding the briefcase would have given a message that the worlds are closing in on Romans time.
It may have been too much in the moment but if you’ve just won the briefcase (in kayfabe) you’d wanna give the message that you’re coming for his title. In my opinion at least. I’d love to watch an event with you one day and argue like hell ha ha