Damian Priest wins men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Honestly, in almost any other situation I would probably agree, but just not this one. Plus, Priest already did that in the Rollins/Balor match.

To have him come out a second time IMO would have been overkill. The bloodline storyline has been so damn good, and that moment after Roman was pinned IMO wasn’t about Roman being knocked out or Roman being so incapacitated that he was vulnerable to a cash in, it was about showing the audience that he no longer has the protection during a match that the Uso’s and Sami gave him for years as all he had left was Solo. That moment was showing Roman angry and showing vindication in for the Uso’s. Having Priest come out would have felt like an unnecessary distraction from such an amazing storytelling moment.

Now look, if you think they should have done an angle where maybe Finn or Dom got hurt and Priest went with him to the hospital, sure, I wont argue that would have hurt anything. However, I believe that 99.9% of the people watching that main event, Damien Priest was the last thing on their mind given the story being played out.

This is why I keep asking you if you watched the match, I’m not trying to be a jerk but I feel this is the kind of thing where if you read a recap it may seem like a good idea, but if you watched I feel like you would think differently.

I think you are counting dark matches and house show matches with those losses. Anytime you see “WWE Live” on Cagematch its a house show. On TV I only remember him loosing in a singles match to Cody, Rollins, and Bad Bunny.

I think the Bad Bunny one was a must, and the Rollins loss was a part of the Rollins/Balor/Priest story. They didnt have to do the Cody loss, Ill give you that. At least Cody is the best booked babyface in that company so I dont think a loss to Cody really hurts that much. I know you watch AEW more, an AEW equivalent would be like having an up and coming heel (say Jack Perry) loosing in a Dynamite main event to Brian Danielson.

Yeah I watched it late the other day, hence why I commented .

In my opinion when someone has lost recently to the other Big Stars it’s just hard to now imagine they’re gonna win the title and be a strong champion.

Why not let him have strong wins against AJ, Nakamura, maybe even cheating to beat Cody to show he can win the big matches when they come.

Maybe if you watch week to week you can feel he’s strong it’s just hard for me as a passive fan who mainly listens to Post until the PPVs come around

I’m not going to say a couple more wins would have hurt, they could have. With MITB though, I dont see it as a big deal as he has a year to cash in. You got your wish with Nakamura, on Monday Priest beat him clean.

I see both sides, on one hand I get the argument that the eventual winner should get some strong wins before the big match, at the same time I dont like it when the person whos going to win goes on a tear prior and its obvious they are going to win. With that said, I dont want them being booked weak either.

I see your point, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m also not sold that Priest wins the title, we’ll see.

It’s one of those isn’t it. A week later and it seems completely different. I was just catching up on Review-a-Raw and it does feel priest could be in a good title match picture without the briefcase but how heel would it be to lose a three way (not being pinned himself) then go sick and beat Rollins and cash in to win. Something different.

On NXT, they had a great segment where Corbin burned his past, pushing “NO BS”.
Once Corbin reset is complete (hopeful he put on some muscle, switch to “speedo-like” Trunks), bring him to Main Roster as the addition to the Judgement Day.

Doom’s 619 into to the “End of Days”.