Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski appreciation thread

As John and Wai mentioned on Rewind-A-Dynamite this week, the amazing Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski is hanging up the microphone after 25 amazing years of wrestling talk and just want to send my love to an amazing long-time member of the POST/Live Audio Wrestling family so why don’t we talk here about some of your favorite Mouth memories and moments throughout the years? I think one funny moment I’ll always remember was when Mouth asked Ric Flair a totally inoffensive question about Charlotte and Ric immediately shut down the interview and walked away.

The entertaining ones obviously were The LAW’s worst of shows every year when he would just rant and rave about how much stuff he hates about TNA back then. :laughing:

My favorite interview he did would be the one with The Briscoes. Always puts a smile to my face.

And here’s an old clip from the Fight Network days too. LOL

And here’s one when he used to do English commentary for NOAH.

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Can you explain more? What was the question and why did Ric leave?

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It was just funny, it took place at a Comic-Con and Mouth was asking about Charlotte’s development in NXT and Ric out of nowhere said “Interview is over, thank you” and walked away. It looked like he was just in a bad mood and didn’t want to socialize much or something. lol

I remember this…it was the way Ric interpreted the question. If memory serves me right, Mouth was essentially asking about Charlotte and Flair took it as Mouth trying to trick him into saying that Charlotte was better then the other prospects at the time and he flipped out like @jallonar4040 said just yelled “interview over!”.

I think he had recently gotten into trouble for an interview and was on edge…who knows, the mans crazy.

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Always loved Dan’s back and forth with Jericho on the old LAW episodes. The way Chris would say “Lovranski” with disdain popped me.


If you watch the segment where Jericho’s list fell in the ring. He legit wrote dans name on it :joy:


And here it is from the SNME Podcast feed, the farewell episode for our beloved Mouth. And stick around till the end of this podcast as there are tributes from John, Wai, Jason, etc. Thank you Mouth for your wit, your contagious personality and your sincerity these past 25 years in the world of wrestling. All the best to you, BRRRRROOOOOOOOTHERRRRRR!

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