Daniel Garcia shares that he's working with Cezar Bononi to bulk up

Originally published at Daniel Garcia shares that he's working with Cezar Bononi to bulk up

He is focused on putting on size and consistently thinks about it. 

There’s an interview with Daniel Garcia that was conducted by Alicia Atout. As their conversation went on, Atout shared that a question came in from an AEW wrestler who’s identity she could not reveal, but stated that the individual goes by a ‘few initials’. 

The question was when is Garcia going to ‘grow up’ and put on some size. Garcia went on to share that he’s working with fellow wrestler Cezar Bononi to bulk up. Every day, Garcia thinks about improving body-wise. He said he reads about it online, hears about it in the locker room and wants to improve in that area. 

Garcia feels his target audience does not want to see ‘hulked up’ wrestlers. He does not want to get too big and feels him and HOOK’s body types are the new wave in wrestling.

Man, that’s a great question (when is he going to put on size). I feel like if you watch every week, I think you see my efforts to put size on, you know? I’m working with Cezar Bononi now. He’s a great trainer. He’s got me on a really good meal plan and he’s got me on a really good workout plan and I’ve been seeing a lot of really good, natural progress in my body over the past couple of months. It’s something that I wanna continue to try over the next couple of months. 

Definitely (I’m driven by proving people wrong). I’m not foolish. I know that I can work on my body. It’s not something that I ignore. I’m not somebody who thinks I have no flaws. There’s a lot of things I can work on and I think one of the main things is looking more TV-ready with my body and it’s something that, you know, I think about every day. It’s not something that’s lost on me. It’s stuff that people remind me about in the locker room, online. It’s something that I hear constantly and I think it’s something that, like I said, I’m working on and it’s something that I’m striving to get better with and I just want to remove all the bullets from people’s chambers. I think that’s the verbiage I used to use back in the day. People say, ‘Oh, he can’t cut a promo.’ Well I’m gonna cut a promo so you can’t use that as ammunition against me anymore. ‘Oh, this guy, he can’t do comedy.’ Okay, well I’m gonna learn how to do comedy so you can’t use that against me anymore. ‘This guy is skinny.’ Well I’m gonna take that away from you now too. Everything is a work in progress. We’re not perfect people, I don’t strive to be perfect. I think imperfection is what makes us all so beautiful in our way and I feel like my dream body, coming soon. We’ll see. I also think from an aesthetic standpoint, I feel like times are different and… a lot of the times I feel my target audience, the people that I like to impress, I don’t think they like seeing big, hulked up, beefy people. I think they wanna see a lean, still in shape, muscular person that could throw a fit on. That’s my one thing, I never wanna get too big, because I feel like people who are too big, no matter what they wear, they always look crazy. There’s not a jacked person on the planet that is stylish. Jacked people cannot put fits on at all. They have no style, they always look awkward in it. They look like a manikin. I think people like HOOK, people like me, I think that’s the new wave of pro wrestling body types.

Going into AEW Revolution, Garcia had a promo segment with TNT Champion Christian Cage. He touched on a line from the 2/21 Dynamite when Cage brought up Garcia’s deceased father. Garcia told him that since he knows so much about him, he’ll put Cage in the ground next to him. 

Man, that was a cold line, wasn’t it? (Garcia reacting to Christian Cage’s comments about his father) That was a cold line. I feel like when somebody is saying such disgusting things to you that are coming from a real place, when somebody is attacking your livelihood, is bashing your family, the people that you love, it can’t help but come out. I feel like in those moments, you either wither and you curl up in a ball in the fetal position and you get taken advantage of, or you come right back with everything you have. An instinctual, primal fury and rage just comes out and you can throw it back at ‘em and I feel like that’s what happened. I feel like in big moments like that, I’m somebody that will never shy away from the smoke, I’ll never shy away from the fire. I’m gonna run into it every single time and I feel like that moment was a perfect example of that fury, of that fire.

Next up on the docket for Christian Cage is a TNT Title defense against Adam Copeland in an I Quit match on the March 20th Dynamite in Toronto, Canada. 

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