Darby Allin details the worst bump he's taken, suffered brain hemorrhage

Originally published at Darby Allin details the worst bump he's taken, suffered brain hemorrhage

Allin details the worst bump he’s ever taken and discusses his match with MJF at Full Gear.

After suffering a loss to MJF at AEW Full Gear, Darby Allin was back in action on the latest episode of Rampage where he scored a win over Billy Gunn. Prior to Full Gear, Darby sat down with Robbie Fox on ‘My Mom’s Basement’ and during their conversation, Allin was asked to share the worst bump he’s ever taken.

He recalled Joey Janela being in the match and said it took place in New Orleans. He went for a ‘Suicide Dive’ and rotated through but his head ended up hitting the concrete floor. When he got to the hospital, he was told that he was bleeding from his brain.

Probably when I dove — I was wrestling — it’s funny you say that, Joey Janela, because he was in the match where I had took my sketchiest bump I would say is I had him in New Orleans and he was sitting in a chair outside the ring and I did a running dive where I do a front flip halfway through the dive but I put the chair too far and you know, the independents, they’re cheap asses. They don’t wanna put the padding around the ring so my ankles caught him but my head bounced off the concrete and I just started feeling like everything was swelling and then after the match, because I finished the match, afterwards I went to the hospital and they’re saying, ‘Yo, you’re bleeding from the brain’ and I was like, ‘F*ck!’ So like, yeah.

I went under for I can’t remember how long but then they were just — dude, I don’t know. They did something where they monitored it. I can’t even remember the full procedure but I couldn’t wrestle for like two months. It was like you can break my ankle, you can break my arm but you start messing with brain, oh, that’s the worst. It’s the worst. I remember I got home and I wasn’t able to drive but I felt so on edge just sitting in my room.

The match with MJF at Full Gear is one that Darby says he has to rank number one on his list of favorite matches he’s had in his career. Darby stated that he and MJF wanted to prove that despite all the new faces in AEW, “the pillars” could steal the show.

I know it sounds crazy but it’d have to rank number one . In a weird way only because I don’t like to give Max that credit. The whole thing with that is going into the match, I had a lot to prove mentally because there’s all these new faces coming to AEW and we had to prove to them, the audience that the pillars so to speak are gonna steal the show and we did just that so, it’s good not to get lost in the shuffle in these times.

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That’s scary….it’s one think to mess with your body, but when you’re dealing with bleeding in the brain, that can kill you. Hopefully that never happens again.