Darby Allin Promo

Hey guys did you watch the Darby Allin promo? I think it is really good and it gets me hyped for the Philly Street Fight on Wednesday.

Here the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J87RR19PUfw&feature=em-uploademail

It works. He comes off well in the ring and part of that translates here. I plan on watching it. But the promo, to me anyway, seems just a tiny bit forced, in that it’s still not clear why Darby has it in for Jericho. If he attacked Jericho because he wants to be Champion, then I think mentioning how much he wants to be champion would have worked better.

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Agreed 100 percent. I didn’t like it

It was ok.
Good wrestling weirdo.
AEW will need an OpenWeight Championship
or TV title.

I thought it was excellent. Really looking forward to this match.