Dark Side of The Ring Jimmy Snuka

This episode was fascinating for me personally.

When I moved to the states from Ireland a few years ago, I moved to Allentown PA and knew nothing about its history apart from the Billy Joel song. Then a year later this case was reopened!

Worked around the corner from Ag Hall where the tapings took place and had some beers in Ringer’s Roost where the wrestlers drank, all unbeknownst to me.
To think just two years later they would have the first Wrestlemania and things would take off from there, but here in this little small hall, was where Slaughter, Andre, Hogan and Piper all filmed their tapings, was crazy for me.
I think the infamous Pipers Pit with Snuka was filmed there too.

And the motel where Nancy died was just down the street too, near a big mall.
Crazy Stuff.

I definitely think Vince went in there with a briefcase full of cash and bribed someone to get Snuka off.

Do you think the reason Tamina is still employed is because Vince has some loyalty to Snuka?
It aint cause of her mic skills thats for sure.

I remember 90% of the stuff referred in this one when the case was re-opened. I think I only missed the part when Nancy and Jimmy were in the car with Tonga Kid. Maybe because I was interrupted like 10 times while I was watching this one, it seemed to me a bit scattered and definitely rushed. To me this deserved to be two parts and maybe they should go in this direction with some of the topics they document. Maybe a couple a season. I get why they are not (trying to push the series going and tell more stories), but this let me a bit hanging, little voids here and there.

That ex-cop came out HORRIBLE. He was either incompetent or a part of “the bigger picture”. Some of the facts that you can see can lean you HARD against the second. Not the last one is how Snuka’s story changed 10 000 times during the years and how 30 years later was “discovered” there was a third person in the car.

But that autopsy report… man… a lot of people should be “crucified” for this case, even so many years later. It stinks of corruption is the very least I can say.

Poor Nancy (another Nancy this season, Jesus!) and her family. To me it seems they’ll never get the closure they deserve. It’s really irritating.