‘Dark Side of the Ring’ Season 5 Premiere To Cover John ‘Earthquake’ Tenta

Originally published at ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ Season 5 Premiere To Cover John ‘Earthquake’ Tenta

Season 5 of the professional wrestling documentary series “Dark Side of the Ring” will premiere in just a few days with the story of John “Earthquake” Tenta.

Social media accounts for the show announced Friday that their episode on Earthquake will kick off a 10-episode season of the show. The episode is scheduled to air on March 5 at 10 p.m. ET on Vice TV.

“A larger-than-life heel in the ring and a die-hard family man at home, Tenta’s passing at just 42 years old was an especially cruel ending for a man so universally beloved,” a preview of the episode reads.

Tenta is best known for his work in the WWF throughout the 1990s as Earthquake. In 2006, he passed away at age 42 after battling bladder cancer.

All topics for the fifth season of the show were revealed earlier this year. The season is also expected to cover Brutus Beefcake, Buff Bagwell, The Sandman, Chris Colt, Harley Race, Black Saturday, Terry Gordy, Sensational Sherri, and Chris Adams.

“Dark Side of the Ring” has aired on Vice’s TV channel since 2019. The show returned last year after taking 2022 off, allowing the show’s creators to work on a spin-off series “Tales From The Territories.” Through the 40 episodes of the show that have aired, topics like “The Plane Ride From Hell,” Chris Benoit’s double-murder suicide, “The Montreal Screwjob,” and the Von Erich family have been covered.

Evan Husney, a co-creator of the show, spoke to POST Wrestling last year ahead of season four.

Oh wow! I did not realize he was only 42 when he passed away. For some reason I thought he was in his 50s. Sad story, he’s someone I always heard good things about.

Tents always seemed way older than he was. And in hindsight was so much younger during his prime run than most of us probably thought. He was only 26 during his run with Hogan, which is crazy.

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It’s an odd choice - usually DSOTR is based on poor personal decisions etc. not a nice guy getting cancer

I think the series is evolving, maybe not willingly, to stay afloat. Will have to see if the episodes are any good, but I kind of like it. The stories about OD’d wrestlers start to run together after a while.

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Wow! To think of him as 26 during his prime is crazy. I do not think of that man as being 15 years younger than what I currently am lol. Or maybe I’m just in denial that I’m old now lol.

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I think the show has to evolve. Like @RocketKing said, there are only so many stories you can tell about a wrestler suffering from addiction and passing away. It’s sad to say, but the stories are just so similar.

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