Dark Side of the Ring - The WWF Brawl for All

For me, this was the most entertaining episode of the season so far. As much as I hate him, I gotta give Russo credit for one thing. I laughed my ass off when I saw JBL get stiffened up. It was still an awfully executed idea overall.

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So they didn’t know what to do with Bart Gunn after viewers witnessed him knocking some people out, let’s see they could have in an enforcer, Hitman or bodyguard role and considering it was 98 and The Corporation was formed, couldn’t he have taken the role of The Big Boss Man.

Then again he did knock out the person they wanted to win but didn’t fix the result.

I would have loved to seen the reaction if he beat Butterbean

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I hated that this became Cornette vs Russo. It’s been 20 fucking years Russo worked for TNA for YEARS with an S, Years plural and his ideas have proven to not work, every talking head told you that the rules were confusing and you got Russo sitting on a couch saying “I might not know what’s going on but this is entertaining” what a bullshitter, but like the Benoit episode I loved the production and reenactments this show is great


Hey, Russo/Cornette is a feud that draws, as their respective podcasts show.

But in addition to the obviously rough injuries in this whole debacle, what stuck out for me was all the suspicion regarding the brackets and booking. Once you’re working, you can’t help but assume that everyone else is.

In hindsight, regardless of what would’ve happened with Bart Gunn in the tournament, they wouldn’t have done anything with it. Despite all the denials in the world, everyone in the know pretty much figured out it was designed as a vehicle to push Dr. Death, even though it was ill-advised since he was past his prime. I’m not sure it registered with WWF how bad of an idea it was until Dr. Death did get knocked out by Bart. If even a legitimate MMA fighter like Dan Severn decided to pull out of it for the reasons he did, he should’ve raised a flag with Vince right away.

I really enjoyed the episode on New Jack last week and learned quite a bit from it. I thought this Brawl for All Episode though was just OK. Russo vs Cornette has been done to death, and the Brawl for All has been talked about on a lot of podcasts and shoot interviews already. It was also really sad seeing Droz in the condition he is in now. For a more general, non-diehard wrestling fan audience though, this episode may have delivered. Next week’s episode on Jimmy Snuka looks to be interesting.

I didn’t like it.

Why is this Cornette vs Russo? They ruined the Montreal Screwjob one and this one focusing on a side fued between two non relevant players in the industry who both have Loud mouths.

I think the WWE gets a lot of flack for throwing in untrained fighters in there. However, they were largely fighting other untrained people (apart from Butterbean)

The UFC has taken untrained people and thrust them into huge matches - CM Punk (twice), James Toney, etc - however they were not fighting other untrained fighters but rather legit fighters. To me there worse