Dave Meltzer has lost the plot

After the other day claiming Payback was only put on this Sunday as a direct shot to hurt AEW who have a PPV on an entirely different day.
He is now doubling down on his thought that Tony Khan should jump in and offer AEW programming in place of the boycotted NBA games.
Dave is past it and lost it Jon Pollock is the future.


Huge fan of Dave. Decades of stories, The Observer is magnificent, second only to Sean Ross Sapp and Fightful and Jason Solomon of Solomonster Sounds Off…

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He lost the plot a while ago.

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I don’t see how Dave is wrong on either of these points…

  1. Payback was obviously scheduled one week after Summerslam to hurt AEW. There has never been a PPV within a week of Summerslam before.

  2. AEW re-runs or airing Dark could be an option for TNT if the NBA postseason is cancelled which looks entirely possible right now. It’s unlikely TNT would go that direction but it’s in Tony Kahn’s best interest to at least be talking to TNT about it.


I don’t really care about the Sunday POV as that’s just opinion. No one really knows

On the other issue If you follow DAve he clearly supports the action of the NBA and the like and believes there is a real problem here. I think he just was trying to say if TNT is going to fill that void on TV anyway it might as well be the show that was supposed to run there. He might have worded it poorly but he’s clearly sympathetic to the cause if you follow him


As long as he isn’t dismissing the very real reasons behind the NBA boycotts, which he doesn’t seem to do… I truly see no issue with this suggestion.

TNT pays for AEW programming. AEW has tons of extra filmed content with Dark, that would be broadcast premiere content. Seems like a win win for a short term stop gap, until / if the NBA issues are resolved.


He may have lost the plot but he still has the world record for the most “you know” in one sentence (64).


I’ve not listened to Meltzer on a podcast in a long while. Are he and his producers still forcing listeners to hear literally every noise his mouth makes or have they finally learned how to use a microphone?


That’s a real low jealous comment


Low? That’s fair, perhaps a low blow. Jealous? Of who or what? That doesn’t make any sense given the context. I like Meltzer and WON, that doesn’t mean i’m going to refrain from saying anything negative.

When i said “hear every noise his mouth makes”, i really am talking literally. It wasn’t a dismissive criticism of the words he actually says. I think he sounds awful on the mic which is why i only consume his written work. It’s a fair criticism.

What was the plot that was lost?

I’m 50/50 on Dave. Definitely think he is positively contribute to the business, but he really comes out with some stupid shit & shows his bias.

Let’s put Dave Meltzer in WWE’s Hall of Fame class of 2021.

Or… maybe I’m reading too much into this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea why people need to vent about a journalist and their views. If you like him, then listen to what he says, if you don’t like him then it’s pretty easy to avoid his views (are they not behind a paywall?). I like when he has data and facts but I don’t always agree with his views so I don’t put much weight behind them.

I’ve said this before but I don’t always agree with the views John and Wai have, but that’s their opinion and I’m making the choice to listen to it. Just cause I don’t agree with them doesn’t mean they’ve “lost the plot”, whatever that means.


I’m generally a Meltzer guy, but I think he’s in a bit of denial about his favoritism of AEW. He gives them the benefit of the doubt over and over again. Maybe WWE doesn’t deserve the same benefit of the doubt, but it doesn’t change the fact that his slant is far from neutral in the way he covers the two companies.

Also, the AEW (particularly Kenny and the Bucks) style of wrestling is closer to his personal preference. It doesn’t make him less of a journalist or a bad person, if only he would just admit it rather than doing verbal and mental gymnastics to maintain a facade of neutrality.

Bottom line: Read the Observer but don’t follow him on Twitter

I mean he has a personality in the business and a big one at that. I don’t love the guy, I don’t hate the guy. I think he does a good job for the most part. Not going to agree with everything he says.

now Brad the archivist on the other hand, 100% positivity.

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I will say I’ve spoken to Dave a few times. Like John and Wai he’s a really good human being from what I can tell.

He takes time on his show to talk about important health and political issues. He tries to raise awareness about these things beyond wrestling.

Anyone who is doing that during these times is going above and beyond and it really shows their character.

He is a little rough on the edges especially on Twitter but overall he is a good guy


Right? I’ve said this before but one of the things I like most about the wrestling fandom/community is the diversity of opinions and ideas. Half the stuff I praise in the feedback threads seems to exhibit eye rolls from John and Wai. Half the stuff they laud makes me cringe. And you know what? That’s great! If everybody viewed everything the same way it wouldn’t be very much fun to discuss and dissect. And if you don’t care for what a particular personality/journalist/Twitter troll has to say? Don’t consume it. Applies to Meltzer the same way it applies to John and Wai the same way it applies to any random clown on twitter or a forum.


I always just figured he was on the spectrum to some degree. He’s a good guy. Pioneer of his business. Can’t really take that away from him.

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One thing I really don’t get about WWE Mark’s, is when they go on about Dave being wrong all the time. Sure, nobody can predict every upcoming angle; but that’s more because of Vinny Mac, than poor journalism

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