Dave Meltzer has lost the plot

Agree with this. There is a select group of wrestling fans who follow journalists for confirmation bias, as if they need their personal viewpoints justified by people with followings. When Dave (or John or Wai) say otherwise, it’s never “I think differently”, it’s always “they are wrong!”.

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100% agree with this. Unfortunately this seems to happen all the time. You can always tell which fans think that way as once the journalist doesn’t share the same opinion as they do, they take it personally and begin to take person shots at the journalist.

Dave on twitter is arguing with trolls for the most part. I think he believes in the goodness of the human heart and that he can change some of these buffoons’ point of view with facts, when they are attacking him personally. I find myself skipping through those 90% of the time, though there are some funny back and forths.

Case in point


Hear hear, @Gramercy ! I googled “Meltzer mouth noises” just to see if anyone shared this opinion with me. Then I created an account just to make this comment. OMG, it’s like he has the microphone IN his mouth. Every sentence starts with some sort of CLACK of his fat wet tongue against the roof of his mouth and it is difficult to look past once you notice it. Also, LOL at the Metlzer white knight saying you’re jealous of his mouth noises. Ha!!

What a great first post the ddubz army grows. *facepalm


This thread is toxic.


What is the record y’know in one episode of observer radio from Dave.