Dave Meltzer

Lets talk Dave Meltzer. He’s a polarizing figure. A lot of people swear by whatever he says, a lot of people cant stand him and dont believe a word he says.

I personally like hearing what he has to say. I’ve never been a subscriber to the observer, but hearing him on the LAW and he’s the only reason I’ve subscribed to the SNME patreon, I respect his opinions. He obviously has a certain type of thing he looks for in the wrestling he enjoys, so I cant hate on his star ratings. I know my ratings will differ a lot of times.

He can be hard to listen to at times and you always have to have an open opinion, when it comes to his news, but he’s pretty credible.

I’d like to see him in an actual wrestling angle or see a character based on him. I think that would get a lot of heat, especially in AEW where more people are aware of him.

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I am not his biggest fan, but I must admit Dave Meltzer was a trail blazer in his coverage of pro wrestling and focusing on the behind the scenes stories before anyone else did it. He was the primary source of the smart wrestling fan before the IWC days.

I don’t think he is always accurate in his reporting, but it is really hard to be spot on at times considering the shady nature of the wrestling business and the fact that he is relying on inside sources who could be spreading lies.


He alright.
Been doin fo yers.
Has connections.
Kind of like the Little Glazer Fighting Boy shirt complex guy.
Glazer more accurate but he is not reporting on a fake sport.
Both have inferiority complexes.
Both are alright.

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I don’t like the cult-like following he has (but that’s not necessarily on him) or his inability to use a pop filter and speak further away from the microphone. However i do appreciate and enjoy the work he does and his role in the industry. Also, for what it’s worth he seems like a pretty decent human being.


Never been a subscriber but I respect his longevity, knowledge and passion for the business. His role as basically a massive historian is something I think a lot of people sleep on.

He only reports things that trusted sources tell him. Sometimes sources are wrong.


I don’t really care about him either way. I don’t subscribe and with so much good wrestling content out there I rarely seek his opinion out second hand especially because that is often long after I’ve heard urge news elsewhere.

I agree with this completely. Appreciate what he’s done in the business. A hall of famer for sure and paved the way for a whole sub-industry. Undeniable importance.

But is he always accurate or perfect? Eh, who is? People get worked up hating the guy or defending the guy like he’s a character in the show. Which he is I guess and that is cool too. My only gripe with him is leans in to playing the part too much and it deminishes the other impressive and top level stuff that he does. He started really leaning in as an Elite mouthpiece. But his audience loves it and why shouldn’t he go where the money is.

I subscribed for 3 months. Wanted to see if I could pick up any more inside information about the business side of things. Wrestlenonics blows everyone out of the water on that front. I stopped subscribing because I found his reviews bland and not enough other meat and potatoes. His podcast product is objectively not more entertaining or fun than POST Wrestling but he’s got the history and following.


I think there’s a big difference between “Twitter Dave” and “Observer Dave”. Observer Dave is a great journalist which incredible knowledge and respect for wrestling. Twitter Dave is argumentative, occasionally condescending and can’t help but engage the worst 10% of his comments.

Most of Dave’s detractors are a.) following only Twitter Dave with no regard for the thousands of words he publishes weekly in the WON b.) blind cult of Prichard/Bischoff/Russo followers or c.) people who don’t understand journalism and expect Dave’s reporting to basically be a “shoot interview” burying guys and naming his sources like no real journalist would.


He was owned by Seth today and had to apologize

Dave broke the first rule of kayfabe: “never work yourself into a shoot.”.

It was stupid. Although I respect Dave and John Polluk neither should have reported on this without facts. Now you have Dave apologizing to Seth for spreading lies basically

I think it’s important to note John didn’t “Report” that and if you listened to Rewind A Raw you heard him say “I’d like to hear from others before reporting that”


This guy just talks out of his ass 90% of the time.

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Fair enough but it was stories being put out there without any proof. John obviously ran with it far less but should it really come to a point that meltzer has to get told off by Seth and be forced to apologize?

Thru the magic of pro wrestling podcasts, ive heard numerous personalities in the business put dave over. People i respect, or rather, whos opinions i respect. Personally i love the idea of Dave Meltzer, but i rarely actually listen to him. When i read a story by him i nod in agreement. When i hear him on a podcast or radio i often turn it down because his speech patern is hard to listen to. I hold daves insight and opinion on a higher pedestal than most all in the wrestle news world asside from folks like John and Wai.

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Sincerly apologies do not seem to be enough for Alex. I like Meltzer and generally he does tremendous work. For every reporter there are times they have to admit they or their sources were wrong, so be it. As long as he can admit that and he can.

Gotta ask, if the Seth story was completely bullshit - where was the rest of the roster shooting it down?

That might say more about Rollins’ relationship with the rest of the roster than anything.

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As I mentioned above, I don’t expect Dave to out his source, but this is one situation where I’m pretty curious who it was. Was it somebody who was (or could believably claim to be) in the locker room that lied? Was it a second-hand source who lies or got worked? Or did Dave just trust a low-level source he shouldn’t have?

Whatever the case, unless more info comes out that changes the situation, Dave apologized and that’s fine by me.


Why do we believe Seth here? I have not seen a single talent or member of the backstage crew corroborate either side.

I’m not trying to stir a meaningless debate, but actually, Seth apparently told people to keep backstage gossip off social media. Seth defended himself (nobody else did) while Dave said he had a source. Nobody has come out to clarify either side. I’m led to believe Seth did say something, and nobody is saying more because of fear of being outed backstage and punished as Seth is a WWE lapdog all of a sudden and will run to Vince. Particularly because Seth was doing Vince’s bidding in the first place.

Fuck it - this is a better story line than anythign Seth has been part of in months.

Seth vs. Dave at WM - both sit in the ring and tween for 10 minutes on the jumbotron. It would be better than a lot of other shit they’ll do that night.