Davey Richards feels CM Punk's AEW All Out media scrum were actions & words of someone who is a 'poor role model'

Originally published at Davey Richards feels CM Punk's AEW All Out media scrum were actions & words of someone who is a 'poor role model'

Davey Richards gives his take on the AEW All Out media scrum situation.

It has been nearly a full month since former AEW World Champion CM Punk’s post-All Out media scrum session during which he took verbal aim at The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson), Colt Cabana and Hangman Adam Page.

Those comments led to a reported physical altercation involving Punk and The Elite and multiple parties were suspended for it. The current MLW National Openweight Champion Davey Richards was asked for his thoughts about the situation while on The Universal Wrestling Podcast.

Richards said he’s never been a part of something like that and never would because he would not stand for it. He did not mention Punk by name, but said maybe ‘your’ self-service was justified and people were out of line but that person’s job should’ve been to educate the other party. He said those were actions and words of someone who is not thankful and a poor role model.

I didn’t watch it but I heard about it and it’s like, I have nothing nice to say so I’ll say nothing but…

No , because I don’t stand for it. So, this is my opinion. I have been blessed with being very successful in wrestling. I’ve made a lot of money, I’ve traveled and won belts and all the other blah, blah, blah. Because I have been given a better life, I have been given a purpose, I’ve been given life lessons, I’ve been given a legacy from wrestling. My number one job now is not contracts, dream matches, belts, money. My number one job is to give back to this sport and business that has given me so much. That’s my number one job. Everything is secondary, everything else and when you are successful and you’ve been given a lot and you continually self-serve and you continually take, you are now the problem and maybe some of your things were — your self-service was justified. Maybe some people were out of line but that is your job to educate them and that is your job to be a better example and I know that because I have chosen to be a poor example in the past and everything and I had chosen to be selfish… and this business can be very hard because in this business and in any sport, any entertainment, you have to be a little selfish, you have to. It’s hard breaking in when you have to go and we miss birthdays. I was on a show with Mike Bennett a little bit ago and he was missing some time, I think his kid’s first day of a school and the guy’s such a good human being, he was torn up about it. It’s hard, it’s a hard business but this is what we do to provide a better life for our family, you know what I mean? That’s noble, there’s honor in that. But, when you have so much and you’re given so much and I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about influence because you can influence this generation. You can influence them to do it a better way and maybe you do know a better way. Teach them. Don’t mock them, don’t degrade somebody because all you’re gonna do whether you stay or whether you go, what you’ve done is taken your position of power and infect someone with insecurity and bitterness and apathy and you know what sucks about that? That it spreads, it’s a disease so, my opinion is it was the actions and words of someone not thankful and a poor role model. So, that’s my opinion.

The Elite nor CM Punk have been mentioned on AEW programming since the incident. The AEW World Championship is back in Jon Moxley’s possession and the World Trios Titles are being held by Death Triangle (PAC, Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo).

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