David Benoit interview

Only watched 20 mins so far and it’s a fascinating yet deeply uncomfortable interview to watch. Anyone else?

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Yeah the interviewer did an excellent job opening David up. I hope he stays away from the wrestling business, just something seems really off about him.

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I mean, I haven’t watched - but David looks strikingly similar to his father… Which automatically puts people in a mind set. Combined with the fact he lived through an insane tragedy, it likely has lead to lots of personal issues.


Chris Van Vliet is great. Really awesome interviewer. I imagine David has beenot through a lot. He comes off as a really socially awkward person, which is not unlike Chris in the couple times I met him.

I think if he’s really serious about wrestling, he needs to move away from using the name Chris Benoit Jr like he seems to want to.

Chris is indeed a great interviewer. And he seems like a great guy.

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I feel bad for David. His Dad’s actions clearly scarred him up emotionally likely forever. He deserves a chance to live out his dream to become a wrestler, but I don’t think either WWE or AEW would risk bringing him in. Maybe he has a shot to have a career in a smaller promotion like ROH or MLW.

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Unfortunately, the likelihood of him getting a fair shot is low. Most people will judge him based on what his dad did to a certain extent even if they don’t want to. Logically, they’ll know he obviously wasn’t the one that did those things but mentally they’ll just see/hear the name Benoit, make the connection in their head, and be somewhat put off by him. People are dumb.

I don’t know, AEW I think would be very willing to give him a shot, especially with Jericho there.

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WWE and AEW will never allow the name Chris Benoit to be used on their shows.

Can’t really see MLW, ROH, NWA and Impact wanting to either.

The only 1 I can think have would have been XPW, but that can’t happen.

Somebody like Jericho should have a quiet word and hopefully get through to him.

It may be best for him to debut under a mask and under a different name so he can perfect his craft without all the attention it would attract.

I don’t think he’ll be able to keep his identity hidden with a mask. People will just say “Chris Benoit’s son wrestles in a mask because he’s afraid he’ll get heat if he gets recognised”.

Wrong forum for jokes @FanWithAnOpinion. :eyes:

Is he ready to go?