David Finlay says his father has talked to him about joining WWE, confirms Brogan Finlay is with NXT

Originally published at David Finlay says his father has talked to him about joining WWE, confirms Brogan Finlay is with NXT

David Finlay chats his brother joining NXT and the idea of him joining WWE. 

Coming up on January 4th at Wrestle Kingdom 18, David Finlay is going to be part of a three-way match with Will Ospreay and Jon Moxley to crown the first IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion. At NJPW Power Struggle, Ospreay was going to call out Moxley for an IWGP U.S. (U.K.) Heavyweight Title match, but Finlay asserted himself into the picture and smashed both titles with a mallet

To promote the title match, Finlay guest appeared on Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps podcast. Along the way, he was asked if there’s ever been any talks between him and WWE. He stated that his father Fit Finlay is his only contact.

It’s never been talked about officially, but when he goes over for dinner, Fit often talks about the idea of David joining the company. He stated that when he’s accomplished all he can in Japan, maybe he’ll entertain the option but for right now, he’s focused on his work with New Japan. 

I mean, my only (WWE) contact is my dad, my only contact needs to be my dad so, on one hand, it’s never been talked about officially but on the other hand, about every other time I go over for dinner, it gets talked about because he’s like, ‘Yeah, you can come work with me’ so it’s like, mhm, when I’ve accomplished all I need to accomplish in Japan, maybe I’ll entertain the option but for right now, I got a IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship to win and make world-famous.

David confirmed that his brother Brogan Finlay has joined WWE NXT. That information came about when he was asked which one of his family members would make a great addition to BULLET CLUB. David expressed that he’s proud of his brother. 

He added that Brogan did not want to go the same route as him or their father and wants to be his own man. David admitted that he tried to ‘sweet talk’ Brogan into working in Japan for a few years, but he was set on what he wanted to do. 

So I guess we got my dad as an option (potentially being a good addition to BULLET CLUB). The old wise man in this day and age I would say. 63 years old, I wouldn’t wanna be on his bad side still. We got my little brother, who actually just signed to NXT… 

Yeah (I’ve given him some brotherly wisdom), save your money. I’m really proud of him. He just turned 21 this year. That was the age I was when I started (at) the dojo. He’s been very good with, ‘I don’t wanna do what dad did, I don’t wanna do what you did. I wanna be my own man’ so, I’ve been obviously trying to sweet talk him into like, ‘Hey! You can do Japan for a few years’ but, he was like, ‘Nah. I wanna go do my own path.’ So, I’m very proud of him. I think he’s gonna be very successful in about two, three years. The Finlays are gonna be running the entire industry. 

Both David and Brogan were working out at T.J. Wilson and Natalya’s gym in Florida. Wilson stated that he’s been working with signed WWE talents that do not report to the company until January 2024. 

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